Choosing the Right Tree

By: John Eberhart   You’ve scouted and have several locations to prepare. You now have all spring to prepare those locations and it’s advised to prepare locations in order of importance with what you think are the best ones being prepared first. When pursuing mature bucks in heavily pressured areas, choosing the proper tree can Read More

What to look for when scouting now

By: John Eberhart 1.Last season’s scrapes: Because scrapes and especially primary scrape areas made by mature bucks are primarily made in high doe traffic areas, they appeal to all bucks in the area. When in the right types of areas and hunted correctly, hunting over active scrapes is as good as it gets. Scrapes are Read More

Post Season Scouting

By: John Eberhart At least 90% of my scouting, new location preparation, and old location clean-up is done during post-season or as soon as the snow melts. Deep snow alters deer traffic to the easiest available food source, making sign left in deep snow rather meaningless for next seasons set-ups. Success happens most frequently to Read More

ScentLok Reiterates Its Commitment To Hunting Community

MUSKEGON, MI (August 23, 2016) – In light of the developments within the hunting industry, and specifically the hunting clothing division, ScentLok Technologies® wants to take the time to reiterate its commitment to the hunting community. In this day and age, there are fewer companies that uphold their values and ethics over the pursuit of Read More

A Day of Remembrance

By John Eberhart: Memorial Day is not simply a vacation day for an extended weekend, it’s a Day to take a moment, sit back and clear your mind, and reflect on the ultimate sacrifices the men and women of our armed services have given to defend of our exceptional way of life here in the Read More

To Conserve & Protect

By John Eberhart: Be proud to vocally interact about our hunting heritage Due to our rapidly changing and diverse culture, hunters fear that an essential stone in their human psychology and natural instincts is trying to be stolen. However, we in the hunting community must stand strong and make every attempt to intelligently discuss nature Read More

Beat The Frigid Late Season Weather

By John Eberhart: The most challenging part of hunting beyond mid-November in most states is supposedly being “tough enough” to remain on stand for long periods of time in miserable and frigid weather conditions. Trust me on this one, how tough you are has absolutely nothing to do with it. I’m a skinny little 155 Read More

Time to Throw Caution to the “Wind” and Go For It!

By John Eberhart: At the time of this post some states gun season openers have already occurred while others will open soon. So if you haven’t filled your tag, it’s time for the Hail Mary option. Hunt your absolute best spots according to the information in the previous posts and most current sightings and signposts, because Read More

Key Rut Tactics

By John Eberhart: The main or peak-rut is upon us and most bowhunters consider it to be the high point of the season because does are coming into estrous and anything can happen to anyone at any time. Every year we hear of inexperienced or not so serious bowhunters connect with mature bucks at this Read More

Hunting Tactics For The Pre-Rut

By John Eberhart: Understanding Pre-Rut Buck Behavior It’s October 28th and in the Northeast and Midwest the pre-rut, or what I like to term as “the playoffs”, is in its early stages. During the rut phases mature bucks pretty much abandon their previous bedding to feeding area routes and adjust their movements to well-used doe Read More