Entry & Exit Routes

By John Eberhart The final leg of the location preparation process is making and marking entry and exit routes. When specifically targeting mature bucks in pressured areas, phenomenal hunting locations can be ruined if you use invasive routes to get to and leave them. I would rather walk an extra mile and have the chance Read More

Preparing Your Tree

By John Eberhart Proper lane clearing is tough and by now your likely drenched in sweat, filthy dirty, tired, and want to go home and come back another day to finish. Don’t cave because when the final entry and exit tack is placed and you’re back at your vehicle, you’ll be extremely glad you finished Read More

My ScentLok Success: Gary Gillett

GARY GILLETT On Sept. 30 2016 I had a trail cam photo of a buck I saw from the road the year before. It was on a property near my home, and I received permission on it in September of 2015. The land owner approached me asking if I’d like to hunt his property and Read More

My ScentLok Success: Wes Dunn

WES DUNN | PENNSYLVANIA My season got off to a slow start with limited deer sightings and only a few of them being young bucks. On the evening of September 30th, which was Pennsylvania’s opening day I hunted a good evening spot in a stand of white oaks that had some decent mature buck sign. Read More

Preparing Shooting Lanes

By John Eberhart The hardest physical work is properly preparing a location and the fun starts once you’ve visually chosen the tree. If you have health issues, or are out of shape, get doctor approval before beginning the preparation process. For hunters like myself that exclusively hunt public land and knock on doors for free Read More

Choosing the Right Tree

By John Eberhart You’ve scouted, have several locations to be prepared, have a list of appropriate tools to get it done properly and now have all spring to do it. Once you begin, always prepare locations in order of importance with what you feel are the best spots being prepared first. At each location, choosing Read More

My ScentLok Success: Cliff Harris

CLIFF HARRIS I began using Scent Lock clothing in the late 90’s.  Since that time I have bow killed approximately 45 deer plus numerous coyotes, bobcats, and wild hogs while wearing a Scent Lock suit.  I used to try and hunt the wind but the majority of the places I hunt are thick bedding areas Read More

My ScentLok Success: Kyle Sasse

KYLE SASSE It was an hour and a half before first light on the morning of November 1st 2015 and I was comfortably settled into my New Tribe harness on a parcel of public land. It was a windy day with 15 to 20 mph sustained winds and as I had been doing for several Read More

Preparing for Fall

By John Eberhart Once your scouting is finished and you have locations of interest, it’s time to decide which ones to prepare. Do not do this hastily and take into consideration which ones are best suited for early season, the October lull, and the all-important rut phases. Choose according to security cover requirements, sign, how Read More

My ScentLok Success: Joe Dafcik

JOE DAFCIK | PENNSYLVANIA I have been reading John Eberhart’s books for a few years now, but only this past year did I really put into effect his scent control program. I did everything he suggested which included purchasing a ScentLok suit, gloves and head cover with a drop down face mask and properly caring Read More