My ScentLok Success: Sal Gomez

SAL GOMEZ Back in November I purchased my first saddle harness. Since that day I have employed the tips and tactics John Eberhart talks about in his books. I practiced almost daily in all different types of trees and hunting scenarios. Well needless to say on my 4th hunt from a saddle and while using Read More

My ScentLok Success: Josh Osborne

JOSH OSBORNE I just wanted to thank John Eberhart for writing a book without a hidden agenda. I read the book “Precision Bowhunting” and was able to obtain pieces of property within 10 minutes of my home and finally connected with a mature buck after quitting gun hunting and totally committing to bowhunting 2 years Read More

My ScentLok Success: Eric Sponable

ERIC SPONABLE I wanted to share with you my success this year using many of John Eberhart’s scent control techniques. The buck measures out to the low 130’s, but the arrow through the skull makes it a unique trophy that I’ll probably not see again!  I used my climbing stand along with a full ScentLok Read More

My ScentLok Success: Curtis Beveridge

CURTIS BEVERIDGE | PENNSYLVANIA I noticed a section on John Eberhart’s webpage that says he’d would like to hear how his books have contributed to buck kills. This year I killed a buck during the rut in central Pennsylvania and the knowledge and skills I acquired from “Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails” and “Precision Bowhunting” were the Read More

My ScentLok Success: Charly Bartley

CHARLY BARTLEY I have gun hunted deer most of my life, typically over bait piles and sitting inside a heated hunting shack and started bow hunting this spring out of the frustration of not seeing many mature deer last firearm season and earlier this year I ordered John Eberhart’s books and DVD’s. After reviewing his Read More

My ScentLok Success: Troy Parsell

TROY PARSELL If they hear you, they want to see you and smell you, if they see you they want to hear you and smell you, if they smell you………………game over.  That was my father’s advice to me as a young whitetail hunter.  Years ago that was a tough rule to live by so avoiding Read More

My ScentLok Success: Wes Dunn

WES DUNN On Saturday November 7, 2015 about an hour and a half before first light I settled into what I felt was my best all-day stand for that particular season. This was the last day of a week-long public land hunting trip in north central Pennsylvania.  I had seen many deer over the course Read More

Offseason Storage

By John Eberhart It’s May and next bow season is in the distant future and as much as I love bowhunting for whitetails, I don’t allow it to consume my life. Obsessing and focusing all your attention on deer 24/7, 365 days a year can be counterproductive and it makes you miss out on a Read More

The Most Effective Odor Control Technology

By John Eberhart There’s a ton of confusion in the hunting marketplace concerning what activated carbon is, what’s the processes to create it, exactly how porous is it, how and to what extent does it adsorb molecules, how and to what extent it can be de-adsorbed, how is it properly de-adsorbed, how are carbon lined Read More