It’s Time to Go for It!

By John Eberhart A few states gun seasons have already opened while most others will open in the next few weeks. So if you haven’t filled your bow tag, it’s time to go for it and hunt your absolute best spots with the most current sightings and signposts, because once gun seasons open the odds Read More

Late October Buck

By John Eberhart It was October 19th and still a bit early to hunt my rut phase locations so I planned on checking a secondary location at the back of a standing cornfield that had two scrapes opened up during my pre-season speed tour. On an early season hunt the scrapes had become inactive so Read More


By John Eberhart To bowhunter’s, it’s the early stages of the playoffs. During the rut phases mature bucks pretty much abandon their previous bedding to feeding area routes and adjust their movements to well-used doe traffic areas. What separates mature buck activity during pre-rut from their activity during peak rut is that it’s more of Read More

Base Layers: The First Line of Defense

One of the aspects of a proper scent control regimen that is not required yet is an aid to both the longevity of your exterior activated carbon lined jacket and pants and your scent control is the bottom layer garments you wear against your skin. ScentLok has had offerings in base garments for years and Read More

John Eberhart: ScentLok Hunter & Blogger

John Eberhart bio Check out John’s Website & Podcast’s! Age: 66 Year’s bowhunting: 53 years Seasons hunting without Scent Lok: 35 Seasons hunting using Scent Lok: 18 Has taken 57 bucks in Michigan that were 2 ½ years old or older and currently has 30 bucks listed in Michigan record book and they came off Read More

The Advantage of Proper Scent Control

By: John Eberhart Deer season is getting close as a few evenings ago (Aug. 22nd) I saw my first hard antlered buck of the year and as normal the first ones to shed are mature bucks. He looked to be a 3 ½ year old 9 point that would score in the mid 90’s. For Read More

Feet Stink, We Can Help. Guaranteed!

The age-old war against foot odor goes high tech with the release of ScentLok Socks, employing proprietary Silver AlloyTM technology Dogs and cats adore them so much they’ll swipe the sweaty targets of their affection from the hamper when their owners aren’t looking. Bears like them, too, snuffling the stench from great distances before sauntering Read More

Successful Partnerships Never Smelled Better

ScentLok Technologies teams up with Traditions Media to celebrate an iconic hunting brand’s storied past, compelling present and exciting future Flash back to the year 1992. Science was driving new technologies at a rapid rate. Take, for example, the must-have videogame console that ruled the decade prior; the Atari 2600 was discontinued after being outdone Read More

An Enduring and Evolving Advantage for Hunters

ScentLok Technologies celebrates 25 years in business with a nod to the past and a promise for the future Aside from their primitive weapons, early hunters employed many of the same tactics used by modern hunters today: spot and stalk, post and drive, attract, ambush. And while one can argue that time, evolution, changing game Read More

ScentLok Technologies Purchases Robinson Outdoor Products

MUSKEGON, MI (July 6, 2017) – ScentLok Technologies, the leading manufacturer of premium, scent-controlling products, is pleased and excited to announce its acquisition of Robinson Outdoor Products. The transaction, finalized on July 6th, includes all assets of Robinson Outdoors, including the ScentBlocker®, ScentShield®, Tree Spider® and Whitewater Outdoors® products and brands, as well as all Read More