Using Ozone During Routine Boat Maintenance

oz radial ez, oz radial nano and oz nfuse in boat storage

As a teenager, my buddy and I would spend our summer vacation on the rivers, fishing, boat riding, and simply enjoying our break from school.

I can recall having a blast with a friend of mine until we got back to his parent’s house with their family’s boat. Every time we would return from a day on the water, we would have to start in on the long task of wiping down the boat on the outside, then we would proceed to take a small portable vacuum and clean all the interior carpet of the boat. We would go as far as picking little pieces of grass out of the carpeted deck on the front of the boat. However, as I became older, I learned that by doing proper maintenance and spending a few extra minutes cleaning after use is the key to keeping a smooth operating and terrific-looking boat.

For several years I have used scent elimination technologies while pursuing one of my passions, that being deer hunting. By utilizing these scent-destroying products such as ozone, I have found that they can also be used to eliminate unwanted odors and bacteria as part of my routine boat maintenance.

The inside of a boat can be home to many unwanted odors and bacteria, such as fish, live bait, oils, gas, and even left-over food and drinks. Not only do these unwanted odors make our boat smell bad, but they also make a garage have an unpleasant odor, and can even transfer the stench to other outdoor equipment. These odors can also transform into bacteria that can be transported back into the water, making an unhealthy environment for fish, as well as plants and vegetation.

To be able to destroy odors and bacteria, one can incorporate ozone technology into their routine boat maintenance, like inside of the live well. A live well is known to hold strong fish odors, especially a few days after use. During routine cleanings such as washing out with water, after the live well has dried out, one can spray the interior with ScentLok’s NFuse ozone sprayer. The NFuse can use any water from a bottle, tap, or even water from the lake or river, and infuses it with ozone, creating a spray that will destroy the bacteria that causes odors. Now, live wells will be clean from bacteria when ready to use the next time you drop in a keeper.

man cleaning boat with oz nfuse ozone sprayer

The NFuse ozone sprayer can also be used to spray carpets that are in the interior of the boat after cleaning during regular maintenance. By spraying ozone-infused spray on boat carpets, one can destroy odors from bait and food as well as fish that have flopped around after getting into the boat. Again, by destroying odors with ozone, the boat will be clean and scent-free, which keeps other gear as well as a garage or shed where the boat is stored when not in use scent-free as well.

Other than using products such as the ScentLok NFuse ozone sprayer, the use of an ozone generator such as the ScentLok Radial EZ can be used to help destroy odors as well. I have used my Radial EZ Mossy Oak Elements Marlin generator inside of my rod box and storage compartments throughout the boat to keep odors minimized and bacteria-free. By using ozone inside the storage boxes, all of my gear such as life jackets, rain gear, and tackle bags stay odor-free and ready for use when needed.

One can take advantage of the power of ozone technology by using excellent ScentLok OZ products. Once you have witnessed the results of destroying unwanted odors and bacteria, they will forever be a part of your boat maintenance arsenal.