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To assist your team with selling our technical products and the advantages associated with them, we offer a wide range of tools for you to take advantage of. We are happy to provide everyone in our dealer network access to our in-depth training programs, sales materials and promotional items.

In addition, depending on your annual sales level, we also provide a wide range of in-store fixtures that dramatically increase both awareness and communicate feature and benefits of ScentLok Technologies.

To see what levels you qualify for, please contact our customer service center at 844.257.9505 or your local representative.


Our customer service department is among the best in the business. We do not have an order taking department, but choose instead to employ a full service team ready to help you with any questions about terms, dating, shipping, marketing, product specifications or any other ScentLok Technologies issue you may have. We enjoy extending personalized service to our dealers and distributors and hope you will find this hotline convenient for your every need. Call our service team at 844.257.9505.