Staying Scent Free At Deer Camp

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A traditional deer camp is a place in which hunters can fellowship together. Often, tales are told of previous years' triumphs and close encounters while in the field.

Besides hunting itself, memories are made around the campfire, enjoying a warm meal that somehow tastes better when consumed at deer camp. One can almost hear the campfire popping. If you close your eyes, you can smell the smoke and the aroma of food cooking and coffee brewing. Unfortunately, so can the wildlife the next day while hunting.

Although deer camps are a tradition that we hope never comes to an end, they can also be a nightmare to a hunter's scent control regimens. That is if they do not take advantage of the many ScentLok products that help hunters destroy unwanted odors while enjoying deer camp accommodations.

Unwanted odors found around the camp come from campfire smoke, cooking smoke, food, gasoline, vehicle odors, and odors inside a tent or cabin. Let us not forget about the array of human scents as well.

These unwanted odors can cling to hunting clothing, boots, and all types of hunting accessories if one does not take precautions when storing clothes and gear and destroying odors from areas where the hunter will spend time before the hunt.

The first step to staying scent-free at camp is never wearing the same hunting garments at the camp used while hunting. Instead, wear regular street clothes to avoid absorbing unwanted odors onto hunting clothing. Another precaution is never to wear the same boots at camp that you will be hunting in. By doing the opposite, hunters leave a trail of unwanted odors where their hunting adventures take them.

The next step is to store all hunting garments and gear in a scent safe area.

Having to so-called "rough it" while at deer camp is something many enjoy. Getting away from day-to-day stress is something many hunters seek. However, not having the luxury of showers, a washing machine, and a dryer can make it challenging to keep gear clean and protected. Take advantage of products such as the ScentLok OZChamber 8K Bag, or the ScentLok OZ Renew & Gear Chamber, which takes care of not having such luxuries.

When I am at deer camp, I store my hunting clothes and small accessories inside the OZChamber 8K bag; I leave them in the tent or cabin until it is time to hunt. Keeping them inside keeps them away from odors and within reach when it is time to hunt.

Oz 8k Rolling Bag

To ensure that all gear is scent-free, I run a 20-30 minute cycle of ozone from the built-in OZ 500 generator included in the OZChamber 8K Bag. Most of the time, I bring a portable power generator when camping or at deer camp. However, If I do not have access to electricity, I use my OZ Radial EZ Generator and toss it inside the bag to create my ozone cycle instead. Either way, by using the power of ozone, my clothes and gear have all odors destroyed from them, making them scent-free and ready to hunt.

If I stay longer than a few days at camp, I use my OZ Renew And Gear Chamber. The portable chamber keeps all clothing and gear organized and allows me to treat my clothes with ozone periodically throughout my stay. Again, if electricity is not an option, I hang the OZ Radial EZ ozone generator from the built-in closet pole and generate my ozone from it instead.

Oz Renew & Gear Chamber

The last precaution to keeping deer camp scent-free is using the OZ Radial EZ generator inside your tent or cabin. Running a cycle of ozone inside where you spend time and where all gear is usually stored assures all unwanted odors have been destroyed instead of following along with you when hunting.

Keeping all hunting clothes and gear away from the many odors that occur at a deer camp is essential in remaining scent-free. If one will use the appropriate storage options from ScentLok and their many odor-destroying ozone generators, staying scent-free at deer camp is not a worry. Instead, one can focus on stories told around the campfire, great food, and making memories that come along with deer camp.

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