ScentLok Favorites With Bow Hunt or Die’s Justin Zarr

justi zarr in stand

Justin Zarr, a seasoned bowhunter with a hunting career spanning over thirty years, co-hosts the long-running show Bow Hunt or Die. In 2007, Zarr and his friends began filming the now-popular online series. Its fifteen-year run is a testament to its enduring popularity among bowhunting and big buck enthusiasts. Throughout his career, Zarr has honed his skills in his home state of Illinois, successfully harvesting many mature bucks. His success extends beyond Illinois, as he has proven his ability to get within archery range of some of the wariest bucks across the country. Zarr has relied on ScentLok gear for twenty years, attesting to its effectiveness in aiding his hunting endeavors.

Zarr consistently advocates using the best quality equipment, whether a bow or hunting gear, within your budget. "What I love about ScentLok is that it is very high-quality gear that is also affordable," says Zarr. He notes that many hunters overspend on expensive gear when those funds could be better allocated elsewhere. "We can’t hunt the way we want to if we are cold, wet, or if the wind is whipping through our clothes. Being comfortable and confident in your gear ultimately affects how long you stay in the stand or hunt," he explains.

Additionally, a whitetail's primary defense is its keen sense of smell, which can quickly ruin a hunt. Zarr emphasizes that the carbon alloy technology in ScentLok clothing has significantly enhanced their scent control strategies against mature bucks, providing a reliable defense against their sharp noses. Last season, Zarr shared his experience using a run-and-gun setup with his tree saddle in an area he had scouted earlier in the summer. Like many hunters, he had a good idea of where a buck would likely approach from, but when it appeared, it circled behind him, putting him directly downwind of the mature Illinois buck. Fortunately, his ScentLok gear provided extra protection, allowing the buck to continue moving towards him and allowing Zarr to take a shot. Another mature buck was successfully harvested, thanks to his quality gear.

Given his track record of successfully hunting mature bucks at close range, I recently sat down with Zarr to learn about his top ScentLok gear picks that have contributed to his success.


Zarr's top pick for the early season is the Scent Lok Savanna Series, a line he has used and recommended for several years.


Scent control is essential year-round, but it's incredibly challenging during the early season when warmer temperatures increase sweating. For Zarr, staying cool and comfortable is the top priority during this time. "I've been wearing the Savanna series for several years in the early season," he says. Recently, his preferred garment has been the Savanna Aero, as it perfectly meets his needs for staying cool with its outstanding moisture-wicking properties. Additionally, the carbon alloy technology ensures he remains scent-free.


Mid-season, Zarr relies on the ScentLok BE:1 Voyage To Remain In The Stand Longer.

During the mid-season in October and November, weather conditions can vary greatly. Mornings might be cool and afternoons warmer, with some days in November bringing downright cold temperatures. As a dedicated bowhunter, Zarr relies on ScentLok’s Bowhunter Elite Series to keep him warm, comfortable, and, most importantly, in the stand longer, ready for the exact moment his target bucks come into bow range. "My go-to mid-season garment is the BE:1 Voyage," says Zarr. In recent years, he has become a big fan of the Voyage bibs and jacket. As the weather gets cooler, he layers up with the BE:1 Heated Vest and the Ridge Hoodie as a base or outer layer.


Late Season, All Day Sits, Zarr warms up with the Revenant Pro Jacket and Pants.


Staying warm is crucial for remaining in the stand later in the season or during those all-day sits during the rut. "The ScentLok Revenant Pro Jacket and Pants offer the perfect combination of insulation, warmth, and quietness without the bulk bowhunters aim to avoid," says Zarr. Bowhunters need the gear to maneuver in a tree stand or saddle and still draw their bow, especially when enduring bitter temperatures during prime trophy buck hunting times.


Favorite All-Time ScentLok gear, Zarr continues to wear the BE:1 Voyage


“I know we already mentioned it, yet the Voyage is probably my favorite garment because that is what I wear the most often throughout the hunting season. It is comfortable, warm, and a tough garment,” says Zarr. He then said that he has a couple of pairs of Voyage pants he has been wearing for four years, which are still as good as the day he got them, a testament to the durability of ScentLok gear.