Complete Odor Management from the Get-Go

ScentLok 4X Laundry Detergent

Complete Odor Management from the Get-Go

For more than 25 years, ScentLok has been dedicated to discovering the secrets of effective scent control.

In roundabout numbers, 11 million hunters pursue 30 million whitetail deer in North America annually. That’s three highly efficient noses in the air for every trio of us stinking up the woods. Consider, too, researchers say a whitetail deer’s sense of smell is 500 to 1,000 times more acute than a human, and scientists support that by noting whitetails have thousands of nasal receptors that can sort up to six smells at once…and it makes you want to climb back in the rack.

Somehow, someway, however, about 40% of us are successful each year. Odds are those guys and gals take careful consideration to mitigate human scent. And a share of those folks trust ScentLok.



We’ve all gotten a blast of B.O. when the unclean pass by at the gym or drop a scent bomb in the checkout line. Can curl your nose hairs. Probably knock a deer off its hooves. From a hunting perspective, however, other inherent smells which are offensive to deer mightn’t be easily wafted by a human. In fact, we can only detect a portion of what our four-legged friends recognize.

For example, odor is produced as a byproduct of bacteria metabolizing the nutrients they get from your body and sweat. Gross, but real, and normal. Metabolically, you also generate odors as your body digests foods and fluids, especially things like garlic, spicy stuff, and alcohol. (And it’s reported that deer camp and beer are a thing.) Lastly, there are ambient smells that your skin and clothing capture – things like gas, smoke, and that microwave breakfast burrito you wolfed down.

The good news is that there are products and processes to mitigate, even eliminate foulness ahead of the hunt.


Regrettably, showers get awful lonely at deer camp, evidenced by all the greasy hat-hair and uncle donning the same one-piece reds all week. Big mistake. Complete Odor Management starts with bathing before hitting the field.

Dollar Store shampoo and a bar of Ivory are better than nothing if you power rinse. But considering the broader investment in harvesting a deer, there’s no sense in skimping on proper hygiene. ScentLok has you covered.

ScentLok 3X Shampoo & Conditioner

 The key to beating the nose of big game is having an effective scent control routine before you leave the shack. ScentLok 3X Shampoo & Conditioner is uniquely engineered to neutralize and destroy odors while cleaning and conditioning your hair to provide more opportunities in the field. Its Liquid Alloy™ technology adsorbs, prevents, neutralizes, and destroys odors. And it’s fragrance free…naturally. MSRP $7.99

ScentLok 4X Liquid Body Soap

Developed from over 25 years of advanced molecular science, the 4X Liquid Body Soap prevents, neutralizes, and destroys odors while cleaning your skin. MSRP $7.99

ScentLok 4X Laundry Detergent

Equally as important as eliminating body odors is exorcising them from your clothes. ScentLok’s concentrated, unscented 4X Laundry Detergent penetrates deep into all fabrics to remove the toughest odors and ground-in dirt. The Liquid Alloy™ based formula prevents, neutralizes, and destroys odors while cleaning your hunting clothes for long-lasting performance and success in the field. Safe for all washers. Drain cap for easy pouring. MSRP $6.99.

Washing is meaningless, however, if your hunting clothes get walloped by people-powered smells between the laundry room and treestand. Make sure your gear is dry and store it in sealed tub. Hanging them outside works, too, if they aren’t inline of the campfire or grandpa’s chain smoking. And if you’re driving to a walk-in spot, keep your clothes sealed until arrival and dress away from the vehicle. 

This is the prep part. Next round I’ll delve into scent control in the field and after the hunt. 

ScentLok Complete Odor Management

Over the past 25+ years, we have evolved into odor-control experts, developing products and technologies that provide a solution to controlling odor, both in and out of the field. Our complete odor management (C.O.M.) system details how odors originate and what options are available to combat them. C.O.M. leads directly into our ScentLok Seven, a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that helps drastically minimize your odor signature and preserve your odor controlling products.