Forefront Pant

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The Forefront system strikes the perfect balance between being feature rich and action ready, not to mention it comes equipped with our exclusive Precip-X™ technology which dramatically repels water and other liquids to help you stay in the field longer. Last but not least, we’ve added our unmatched Carbon Alloy™ technology for maximum odor adsorption to help you in your quest for success.

  • Carbon Alloytechnology 
      For maximum odor adsorption 
  • Precip-Xtechnology 
      Repels water, mud, blood & other liquids
  • Micro tricot outer fabric
      For deadly quiet mobility
  • Micro-fleece inner liner 
     Keeps you warm 
  • Side waistband elastic
    Provides a custom & secure fit
  • Rear waistband grips 
     Helps keep clothing in place
  • Eight pocket design, including 2 side seam pockets
     Provide additional gear storage  
  • Articulated knees
     Improves mobility in the field  
  • 18” leg zippers
     For easy dressing over boots  


For portable carbon alloy reactivation use our ozone generators in the OZ line to clean and refresh the garment enhancing your time in the field. ScentLok OZ ozone generators are designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to virtually eliminate all types of odors and bacteria as well as reduce viruses.

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Industry Leading Carbon Alloy Technology



Our industry leading technology combines activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite concealed between fabrics. The massive surface area of these natural particles target and adsorb odors and won't let go until you reactivate your gear in your dryer.

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