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Easy & Tasty Venison Snack Stick Recipe

Venison Snack

"There are numerous ways to process venison, but one method that’s a hit with just about everyone—kids and supposed venison-haters included—are deer sticks. Of course, every self-processing hunter, meat locker, and game processor has their own favorite recipes… Here’s one that I produce in my own kitchen that’s easy, minimizes mess, and yields tasty results. " -Aaron Ambur

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Holiday Shepherd's Pie

shepards pie done

Shepperd’s pie is known as a hearty Irish dish that can be made in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day but living in the Midwest, I have made it a go-to winter comfort food dish around the holidays. Generally, we have fresh venison as well as carrots, potatoes and herbs we harvested from our garden so this the perfect recipe utilizing the resources we have around our house. Regardless of where you get your ingredients, this is a perfect hearty holiday meal that is a big hit with friends and family.



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