A photo of Jim Edlund

Jim Edlund

Outdoor Writer

For nearly two decades, Jim’s writings have been published in fishing magazines and digital outlets including North American Fisherman, Outdoor Life, and In-Fisherman. Jim has also created content for numerous fishing and hunting manufacturers.

From ice fishing to fly fishing, panfish to catfish, Jim’s a fan of whatever’s biting. His favorite topics include fishing electronics, ice fishing, and walleye fishing. Besides pursuing whitetail, Jim is also getting back into duck and goose hunting. In his spare time, Jim enjoys helping newbies and kids learn to fish.  

Soil Testing for Success

soil testing

Last we talked with hunting land management expert, Jason Say, he spelled out an easy way to frost seed your plot. Besides frost seeding, another topic that Say is extremely versed in – that often goes overlooked by hunters – is soil testing.

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Easy & Tasty Venison Snack Stick Recipe

Venison Snack

"There are numerous ways to process venison, but one method that’s a hit with just about everyone—kids and supposed venison-haters included—are deer sticks. Of course, every self-processing hunter, meat locker, and game processor has their own favorite recipes… Here’s one that I produce in my own kitchen that’s easy, minimizes mess, and yields tasty results. " -Aaron Ambur

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Frost Seeding For Better Food Plots

Jason Say Frost seeding

ScentLok ambassador, Jason Say, enjoys teaching other hunters how to manage their land more effectively to foster trophy growth. Based in Pennsylvania, he consults with clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

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Saddle Hunt for More Success


Michigan's record-holding whitetail bowhunter & ScentLok® design the perfect saddle suit.

The latest saddle hunting apparel redesign – the ScentLok Saddle Hunter Jacket and Pant – incorporates everything I’ve learned over the years saddle hunting,” says Eberhart.

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HUNTING: Women on the Forefront

Woman bowhunting

The Women’s Forefront Jacket and Pant provide enough warmth for the predawn hours yet maintain enough breathability to keep the sun from baking you in the stand. The Forefront Jacket and Pant use a brushed outer shell that is DWR treated to be deadly quiet and shed light rain. Inside, a micro-fleece liner is comfortable, soft, and provides insulation from the cold.

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