Bowhunter Elite:1 apparel is the final detail elite bowhunters have been waiting for. This elevated suite of premium hunting apparel is purpose-engineered for the serious bowhunter who’s committed to solving problems, creating their own opportunities, and increasing their chances for success.

Uncompromising in design, form, and function, BE:1 apparel includes versatile options for warmth-on-demand layering to get you through the whole season. All BE:1 garments employ advanced, bowhunter-friendly designs, ultra-silent fabrics, and unsurpassed ScentLok Carbon Alloy technology.

Ridge Hoodie
Perfect mid layer addition to your toolkit

Scentlok’s BE:1 Ridge Hoodie has been engineered for warmth and versatility. The BE:1 Ridge Hoodie has a DWR treatment to help repel moisture, while the ultra-warm Berber fleece lining keeps the chill from settling in. A 3-piece hood and built-in neck gaiter offer wind protection, concealment, and odor control. Triple threat technology provides maximum odor protection with Carbon Alloy™ to adsorb odor, Fusix™ to destroy odor, and Silver Alloy™ to help inhibit future growth. Combined, these technologies help to prevent a hunter's cover from being blown. The half-zip design provides easy on/off and ventilation when needed. A generous kangaroo pocket with zip closures allows a secure spot for items and a place to keep hands warm. A must-have piece, the Scentlok BE1: Ridge Hoodie keeps early-season hunters warm and comfortable in the field.

Protection From Wind And Weather

The BE:1 Paradigm Jacket from ScentLok provides the ultimate protection from wind and weather while remaining versatile. Windproof and water-resistant fabric with a DWR-treated tricot shell holds up to blustery winds and drizzles. Allowing for stealthy movement, the soft tricot shell is quiet and helps hunters remain undetected. A microgrid fleece lining adds warmth without the bulk allowing for greater mobility. An adjustable and removable hood contains odor and keeps warmth in. Two zippered waist pockets help to keep hands warm, while two zippered chest pockets store items within easy reach. The cuffs are adjustable, providing a secure fit and keeping scent in. Triple-threat technology helps control odors. Fusix™ helps destroy bacteria while allowing the material to maintain supreme stretch, Silver Alloy™ helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, and Carbon Alloy® provides maximum odor adsorption. These technologies work in tandem to help keep scent under control. Wait out your dream buck no matter the elements with the BE:1 Paradigm Jacket.

Concealment for blind hunting

Next to smell, sight is one of the whitetail's strongest senses, so we've introduced the Blackout series to select BE:1 apparel to provide the ultimate concealment when hunting from pop-up or box blinds. Black fabric meets blacked-out zippers, cuffs, trims, and even logos to help you stay hidden in your blind. Blackout garments also feature the same performance and scent control as their camouflaged counterparts.

Trek Base
Elite Next to Skin Comfort

Any great success is built upon a strong foundation, and the new BE:1 Trek Base series is built with fine Merino Wool to defend your core. The Trek series utilizes both the merino wool and a triple threat of technology: Carbon Alloy for unprecedented odor protection, Fusix treatment to defend against bacterial growth, and finally Silver Alloy is infused to further combat bacteria growth in the harshest environments.

The BE:1 Trek Base ¼-Zip Shirt and Pant deliver elite-level comfort and technology, with a focus on fit with four-way stretch fabric, and form-fitting design. This system provides the ideal foundation for your BE:1 Toolkit.

Warm Weather Performance

ScentLok’s BE: 1 Phantom Pullover & Pant provide an elevated option to hunters doing battle with the special challenges of warm-weather hunting. Enemy number-one to the hot-weather hunter is bacterial odor. Perspiration provides the ideal breeding ground for the fast-growing bacteria that cause our bodies to stink and alert deer and other game to our presence. The versatile BE:1 Phantom lightweight Pullover and Pant combat perspiration and resultant bacterial growth on all fronts.

Engineered for the rut

When the rut begins, so do the all-day sits. The new BE:1 Voyage Jacket and Pant represent the premium, sun-up-to-sun-down system serious hunters can trust to tip the odds in their favor.

These mid-weight, single-layer garments are tailored for comfort, ease of movement, and mobility throughout the hunt. The brushed, premium fleece fabric face and knit interior are deadly quiet while providing the right amount of warmth to ensure comfort before, during, and after the moment of truth.

Thermal-on-demand layering

For years, hunters have asked for on-demand insulation without the noise of traditional puff jackets. Enter the new ScentLok BE:1 Reactor series: the bowhunter’s optimal choice for versatile and silent on-demand warmth.

The hybrid design provides low-bulk insulation in the body’s core areas and stretch fabrics in areas of high activity. The BE:1 Reactor Windproof Jacket was designed as layering piece for additional warmth under other garments or as a stand-alone jacket. Then take on-demand heat to the next level with the BE:1 Reactor Heated Vest. With 3 levels of heat and heating elements placed in core areas, you are able to provide instant heat with a touch of a button!

Dead Quiet Late Season Warmth

Sit longer and get closer. Introducing the all-new Bowhunter Elite Series Divergent Jacket and Pant from ScentLok. featuring an unheard-of combination of premium features and technologies unavailable anywhere else, it’s the most advanced bowhunting outerwear available today.

Divergent’s intelligent bowhunting design delivers features and technologies that result in more warmth, more comfort, more protection from the elements, and maximum advantage over a whitetail’s defenses. A Primaloft gold aerogel electronics pocket extends battery life in cold conditions, while advanced Prexip-X technology repels rain and snow.

For extreme conditions

As the deep chill sets in during the late-season push, the new ScentLok BE:1 Fortress Parka and Bib is the system that checks every box. This fully waterproof, windproof, and insulated gear is ultra quiet, even as the thermometer dips to extremes.

Of course, BE:1 Fortress is tailored for optimum bowhunting performance, featuring full articulation, compression and sculpting with minimal bulk, courtesy of body-mapped Thinsulate insulation. These premium garments feature ample storage to ensure that gear is close at hand and protected from the elements.

Elite Odor Controlling Gear

Elite whitetail hunters understand that a buck’s nose is the single biggest threat to a successful harvest. That’s why they take every precaution against carrying potentially alarming odors into the field.

Overlooked in many whitetail hunters’ scent-control regiments, backpacks are notorious scent bombs, often carrying bacterial and ambient odors on their fabrics or on the key accessories and other essentials carried inside. Our BE:1 storage options help combat such hunt-ruining threats with our Carbon AlloyTM technology as well as our OZ activated ozone storage solutions.