Precip-X Technology

The Ultimate Treatment To Keep Bowhunters Protected From The Elements


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If you're a bowhunter, then you know the importance of staying dry in the field. Our Precip-X™ technology is an effective solution to keep you protected from the elements.

Precip-X™ technology is a type of coating or treatment that is applied to a variety of surfaces, including an array of fabrics and other materials. The treatment is designed to repel water, dew, mud, blood, ice, and other liquids, making the surface highly water and stain resistant. This clear formula allows fabrics to breathe without changing the look or feel of the fabric.

Precip-X on clothing Precip-x on camo

The technology works by creating a barrier on the surface of the material that prevents water and other liquids from penetrating into the fibers. This barrier is created using specialized chemicals that bond with the surface of the material and creates a superhydrophobic (water-repelling) layer. This provides a highly water-resistant barrier on apparel to keep bowhunters dry in situations where a loud waterproof garment isn’t necessary.

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By creating a hydrophobic layer on your gear and clothing, Precip-X™ technology can help you stay focused on the hunt without worrying about getting wet or dirty. Whether you're in pursuit of a trophy buck or enjoying a weekend in the woods, Precip-X™ technology is a must-have for any deer hunter looking to elevate their game.