Ozone is universally known as a natural way to clean and refresh just about anything. Our OZ products are designed for versatility and can be used almost anywhere. We do not believe that any product should have a singular use, but rather be designed to fit into nearly every facet of your life. From hunting to camping, to pet and beyond, the OZ line of ozone generators continues to find more and more uses to save you money and improve the environments around you.


Contaminates Build Up

1Contaminants Build Up

Viruses, bacteria, odors, and other contaminants surround us on a daily basis. These invisible intruders can contaminate our surfaces and environments without our knowledge and become harmful to our way of life. Left unattended, these contaminants can continue to build up to unhealthy levels. Ozone from an ozone generator can be an extremely effective tool to attack and reduce the viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants that build up. 

Ozone Atacks

2Ozone Attacks

Ozone molecules (O3) are inherently volatile and look for every opportunity to return to the natural state of oxygen (O2). When an OZ generator emits a powerful stream of ozone molecules into an environment they seek out and destroy odors, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and more. Ozone is drawn to these odor compounds and micro-organisms and destroys them through the oxidation process (O3 loses one oxygen molecule and reverts back into O2).

Air is Refreshed

3Air Is Refreshed

After Ozone oxidizes, the odor compound that was once a nuisance is now broken apart – resulting in a clean and refreshed environment! The oxygen molecules can then be used over and over again in this cycle. This means no refillable cartridges, additional filters, or any other repeat-purchase accessories. Just turn on and refresh time and time again!


Cycle Clean Technology

Cycle Clean Technology

Our revolutionary CycleClean™ technology gives our ozone generators self-automated on/off power through a built-in timer - allowing you to set it, forget it and let OZ refresh your environments when you're not around. Whether it's a bathroom, laundry room, your vehicle, or other - this technology gives you control over how much and how often you need it so you always come back to a fresh environment.

Choose any 5-minute interval between 5 & 30 minutes OR a continuous stream of ozone for those hard-to-fresh areas!