Follow all care instructions indicated on the garment label. Garments should only be washed in cold water on a delicate cycle.


The less you wash your carbon gear the better. The “Muddy or Bloody” rule is a great approach. You should only wash your ScentLok carbon clothing when they are visibly muddy or bloody from your hunt.


Reactivation is the key to keeping Carbon Alloy® effective & virtually as good as new for many seasons to come. We recommend, for maximum odor adsorption, to reactivate your ScentLok garments in your household dryer when you first receive your gear, and at least every 40 hours of field use. For example, if you hunt for four hours a day and store your clothing in airtight storage after each hunt, you should reactivate your gear after 10 days of hunting. To reactivate your ScentLok carbon clothing, place your gear in a household dryer and cycle on medium heat for about 40 minutes. We recommend spraying the inside of your dryer with ScentLok Field Sprays to help neutralize any unwanted odors that exist in your dryer. You can also wash 2-3 towels in ScentLok Laundry Detergent and dry them before reactivating your ScentLok garments. The towels that were washed in unscented laundry detergent will help neutralize odors that exist in your dryer, and you will also have a scent-free towel to dry off with before a hunt.


When using ozone to reactivate your gear, depending on the concentration of bacteria and volume of odor, more than one cycle may be required to eradicate odors. Always allow for proper dissipation time between cycles. Exercise caution when using ozone on items with significant elastic or rubber content. Discontinue the use on rubber or elastic items if you notice degradation or weakness to the structure of the items. Do not expose safety equipment to active odor destroyers.


Airtight storage is the most effective way to keep foreign odors from contaminating your ScentLok gear. It also prevents odors from using up the adsorption capacity of Carbon Alloy® when you’re not in the field. So remember, immediately following reactivation and after each hunt, your ScentLok garments should be kept in an airtight and dry storage. Excessive odors will require the system to be reactivated more often. ALWAYS store garments dry, never damp or wet.


Machine wash gently in cold water only with no bleach or fabric softener. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron or dry clean. 


We highly recommend you DO NOT use any liquid sprays that contain a cover scent (such as fall blends, earth, acorn, cedar, or any others) or animal scents (such as raccoon, buck, doe, or any others) on or with our clothing. The carbon will adsorb the odor molecules in the cover sprays/scents making less room for the carbon to adsorb human odor while in the field.  However, it is acceptable to use liquid sprays WITHOUT cover scents, such as our liquid line, and our NFUSE Ozone sprayer on your ScentLok clothing and other gear such as your bow, boots, ladders, tree stands, etc.