Dealing with Standing Corn and How to Hunt It

By John Eberhart: As corn grows, it morphs into an area that is literally in a class by itself. Standing cornfields become secure bedding areas, daytime transition corridors, and daytime feeding areas that totally alter the areas daytime deer traffic and the hunting situation outside them. Other than rare dry cattail marsh areas there are Read More

The Lull Before The Storm

By John Eberhart: History in the field has taught me that between opening day of bow season and the opening day of gun season that the Mid-October time frame is the toughest time to arrow a mature buck. Over the years I’ve consistently seen many deer (not necessarily mature bucks) during the first several days Read More


By John Eberhart: Although I carry a rattle bag, inhale and exhale grunt calls, and a doe bleat call, I’m not a noise tactic junky and in fact I rarely use them and when I do it’s for a very specific reason. During the first few days of season I’m usually hunting either; isolated mast Read More

Putting an Early Season Plan to Work

By John Eberhart: While the rut-phases should always be your main focus of attention, even in HCHP (High Consequential Hunting Pressure) areas the first few days of season might provide an opportunity if you meticulously paid attention to; the amount of perimeter and transition security cover your locations offer, the sign at them, and when Read More

What’s In Your Vehicle?

By John Eberhart: Being detail oriented when scouting, setting up locations, and laying out seasonal and daily hunting plans is critical to success in HCHP (highly consequential hunting pressure) areas. It’s no difference when preparing to go into the field hunting.  For hunters like myself that have to travel somewhere to hunt, I’ve put together Read More

Pre-Season Speed-Touring

By John Eberhart: The topics of the previous two posts were pre-season scouting for new locations and then preparing them. This post is for hunters that scouted and prepared their early season locations during post season and now need to know if they’re worthy of hunting. Since 1998, I’ve been calculating bowhunting statistics on bowhunter Read More

Proper Preparation For New Pre-Season Stand Locations

  By John Eberhart: This post goes hand-in-hand with the previous “Scouting Smart” post; ideally they should be done during the same day. While differing amounts and types of hunting pressures influence when, where, and how mature deer (especially bucks) move, those differing pressures should also directly influence how and when hunters prepare new locations Read More

Caring for Carbon Alloy® Garments

By John Eberhart: The bond of human emitted molecules to activated coconut carbon, treated carbon and zeolites (3 substances making up ScentLok’s Carbon Alloy® liner) is a weak bond that permits regeneration or thermal de-adsorption using low temperatures. A clean household or commercial dryer is recommended for the thermal de-adsorption of Carbon Alloy® lined garments Read More

Understanding Carbon Alloy® technology

By John Eberhart: Understanding Carbon Alloy technology and How Deer Respond to Odors In an earlier post; Why Use Activated Carbon, it was shown that ScentLok, through a United States patent, owns the exclusive rights to use activated carbon in hunting garments. No other manufacturer can use activated carbon in hunting garments without a licensing Read More