My ScentLok Success: Paul Lindsay

PAUL LINDSAY Michigan Turns out ScentLok works for me as I had one of my target bucks from last year dead downwind of me at less than 30 yards for five minutes before circling upwind and walking into my shooting lane at 25 yards which is where I shot him. I had a ScentLok QuickStrike coverall Read More

My ScentLok Success: Andrew Hoedel

ANDREW HOEDEL Michigan The 2016 deer season was a long one for me. I hunted October and November without seeing a buck. When December came I had my mindset on just shooting a few does to fill the freezer. Luckily for me on December 11th I would get my opportunity at a descent buck. I was Read More

Post Season Scouting: What You Need to Know

Start preparing now for next fall’s rut phases By John Eberhart   Up until the late 1970’s when compound bows became popular, bowhunting was a major stepchild to gun hunting when it came to hunting whitetails. Depending on the state, gun license sales were 15 to 20 times greater than bow license sales. The advent Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jason Hrelec

JASON HRELEC Michigan Again; I rattled in this 2014 monster after reading how to properly rattle or should I say make subtle sparring sequences to draw in bucks in heavily pressured areas in John Eberhart’s book Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails. He said that getting too aggressive with the antlers as seen on TV and in most videos will Read More

My ScentLok Success: Keri Dobbrastine

KERI DOBBRASTINE Michigan I’ve been wearing ScentLok from head to toe after speaking with John Eberhart who hunts on the same property as me. John gave me an instructions sheet on how to properly care for and use a ScentLok suit and what to use in conjunction with it for a scent free regimen that would Read More

My ScentLok Success: Andrew Hoedel

ANDREW HOEDEL I can’t stress enough how important entrance and exit routes are when it comes to deer hunting. I’ve been using ScentLok now for 3 years and if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have gotten a shot at this buck. This past gun season, on November 19th I had this buck come in Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jason Hrelec

JASON HRELEC Michigan The buck in the photo was taken in 2013. I was hunting along a well-used deer transition route and in this particular location a deer could pass by from either direction, however since learning how to properly care for and use ScentLok clothing through John Eberhart’s material, it really made no difference to Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jace Walters

JACE WALTERS Most days when my dad is in town from work we go in the tree stand for one to two hours before school starts. The morning of my 10th birthday (17 Nov 2017) my dad woke me up to go deer hunting but I didn’t want to go because it was my birthday Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jesse Saunders

JESSE SAUNDERS Michigan I’ve bowhunted for 18 years and have been fortunate to take a few nice bucks over the years with both bow and gun, but until this season I had never taken a buck over 100 inches with my bow even though I’ve had a few opportunities in the past that I couldn’t close Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jason Hrelec

JASON HRELEC I came across ScentLok years ago but never really used it correctly until after I read about how to properly care for it and wear it from head to toe in John Eberhart’s instructional books and DVD’s.  Once I took his more detailed advice from his Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails DVD series I have Read More