The Fascination of Deer Antler Growth: A Hunter's Guide to Summer Insights

camera on deer

Hunters have been captivated by the regal spectacle of deer antlers for decades. Whether it's the thrill of spotting a trophy rack while out hunting, the joy of stumbling upon a shed antler during winter hikes, or the meticulous observation of antler growth through game cameras during the summer months, the allure of these magnificent appendages seems to know no bounds. Yet, beyond mere fascination, the summer display of antler growth holds invaluable insights for hunters, providing a window into the upcoming fall hunting season.

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5 Essential Tips for Turkey Hunting with a Bow

turkey hunting

Bowhunting for turkeys during the spring is a thrilling pursuit that promises excitement and challenge. With their keen eyesight and quick movements, turkeys present a challenging target for bowhunters. However, a successful hunt is within reach with careful preparation and knowledge.

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Bridging the Gap Between Deer and Turkey Hunting Gear with ScentLok

ScentLok suit for turkey hunting

By expanding their focus beyond deer, ScentLok can provide hunters with versatile garments that work well in various hunting situations, ensuring they can stay undetected and increase their chances of success no matter the game they pursue. As spring ushers in turkey hunting season, hunters often need specialized gear specifically tailored to pursue gobblers. 

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Understanding Scent Control: Insights from Bowhunting Legend John Eberhart

Bowhunting Legend John Eberhart

In a candid conversation, Eberhart shared his insights into scent control, highlighting its pivotal role in outsmarting whitetails' keen senses. "A whitetail’s nose is the number one tool against avoiding danger," he emphasized. That is why hunters must pay attention to detail. I have interviewed Eberhart in the past and am always intrigued by his opinions and, more importantly, his success with scent control. 

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