ScentLok was born in 1992 out of the idea to get closer to whitetails than anyone had before while staying under the incredible radar that is a deer's nose. Our founder, Greg Sesselmann is an engineer and hunter who combined his two passions and discovered that by combining activated carbon with his hunting apparel, he was able to reduce the amount of odor that he brought into the woods, helping him gain an advantage. Over the last 30 years of product development and millions of field hours by our loyal customers, we have brought innovations to the market with lighter fabrics and even more technologies specifically tailored to target the many odor control issues hunters face. Every year we are reinvigorated by the hard work our customers put forth in the field to deliver them new products and new technologies to help them create many more great memories in the woods.


Since 1992 we've combined high-performance fabrics with unrivaled scent control technologies to give you the edge on big game animals. ScentLok gear is proven in the lab...to be deadly in the field.

The Purpose

With hunting pressure on the rise, hunters are looking for the slightest edge to help them gain the upper ground on big bucks. We discovered that we could augment our hugely successful activated carbon and increase its effectiveness by adding a few key particles that both extend the spectrum of odor adsorbed as well as keying in more heavily on stronger odors in particular.

The Science

While activated carbon is universally recognized by scientists as the single most effective odor adsorbent, we decided to add treated carbon and zeolite to make the most complete technology available. Treated carbon can adsorb up to 3X more hydrogen sulfide (a strong breath odor), allowing us to control more powerful odors, while Zeolite allows us to extend the spectrum of adsorption by pulling in smaller molecules than carbon alone can handle.