The Advantage of Proper Scent Control

By: John Eberhart Deer season is getting close as a few evenings ago (Aug. 22nd) I saw my first hard antlered buck of the year and as normal the first ones to shed are mature bucks. He looked to be a 3 ½ year old 9 point that would score in the mid 90’s. For Read More

ScentLok Seven

Above: ScentLok pro-staffer John Eberhat and a few of his trophy bucks. John has exclusively hunted on public lands, knock on doors for free permission properties and free walk on hunting properties as well when out of state and strongly believes his success comes from a winning combination of ScentLok products and proper scent control practices. For Read More

Caring for Carbon Alloy® Garments

By John Eberhart: The bond of human emitted molecules to activated coconut carbon, treated carbon and zeolites (3 substances making up ScentLok’s Carbon Alloy® liner) is a weak bond that permits regeneration or thermal de-adsorption using low temperatures. A clean household or commercial dryer is recommended for the thermal de-adsorption of Carbon Alloy® lined garments Read More

Why Use Activated Carbon?

(Activated Carbon is used in our exclusive Carbon Alloy® technology for maximum odor adsorption) By John Eberhart: I was fortunate to already have some basic knowledge of what activated carbon was and how it functioned before purchasing a ScentLok suit, but most hunters that don’t own one, definitely are not. So please allow me to Read More

ScentLok® Obtains Global Victory

ALS Enterprises, Inc., the maker of ScentLok® odor reducing carbon hunting apparel, has obtained a complete victory in the nine federal lawsuits that challenged ScentLok®’s ability to control human odor. After over five years of litigation, plaintiffs have agreed to take nothing and dismiss all of the pending lawsuits with prejudice. The final straw for plaintiffs was the Read More

Ask the Don

Is there a special shampoo or body wash so that the deer don’t smell you? You bet! ScentLok makes a great product called Hair and Body wash. We use it at least once a day before we hit the woods. When hunting on 3-15 day hunting trips what is the best way to store and Read More


Directions: Follow all care instructions indicated on garment label. ScentLok garments should be reactivated every 30-40 hours of field use. Immediately as the garments are removed from the dryer, place them in an airtight container. Always store garments dry, never damp. Washing needs may vary according to your body type and hunting conditions, however we Read More

The Scents of Socks

Our last blog featured our new Odor Eliminating Boot Dryer. Keeping with that same theme, ScentLok team member Judy Kovar talks about why being scent conscious with your feet is extremely important…

ScentLok Care

(Jackie Bushman of Buckmasters breaks down his ScentLok Care regimen.) Directions: Follow all care instructions indicated on garment label. Reactivation is the key to keeping Carbon Alloy® effective & virtually as good as new for many seasons to come. We recommend, for maximum odor adsorption, to reactivate your ScentLok garments in your household dryer at Read More


Q: “Can I wash my ScentLok suit?” A: Yes you can wash ScentLok products but this is not a necessary step in the process. Washing does not harm the activated carbon but it may loosen some of the excess carbon. You only need to wash ScentLok clothing if it becomes extremely dirty or under extreme Read More