WindBrake® Technology

Stop Wind From Penetrating Through To Your Skin


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As a hunter, you know how critical it is to stay warm and comfortable during your time in the outdoors. Whether you're braving frigid temperatures during a late-season hunt or dealing with gusty winds during a spot-and-stalk, Mother Nature can be a formidable adversary. One of her most potent weapons is the wind, which can chill you to the bone and make it nearly impossible to stay on task. ScentLok's WindBrake® Technology combats this by providing an effective barrier against the wind's chilling effects.

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WindBrake® Technology is designed to keep the wind from reaching your skin, helping to maintain your core body temperature and prevent you from getting cold. This technology works by creating a barrier that stops the wind from penetrating through to your skin, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable even in windy conditions. And thanks to its breathable design, WindBrake® Technology allows perspiration vapor to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable even during periods of intense activity.

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For hunters, WindBrake® Technology is a game-changer. It can be used in conjunction with insulation to enhance thermal performance, providing even more warmth and protection from the elements. And with its ability to keep the wind at bay, WindBrake® Technology can help you stay focused on the hunt, allowing you to make the most of your time in the field.