DWR Technology

Durable Water Repellent


DWR (Durable Water Repellent) technology is an effective solution for keeping hunters dry and comfortable in the field. There are times when you need protection from light moisture and a waterproof membrane is overkill, that's where DWR comes in. This treatment will force water to bead up and roll off, keeping moisture from penetrating the outer layer.

DWR on clothing DWR rain image

DWR technology is especially important for hunters who need to remain stealthy in the woods. Waterproof membranes generally make garments much louder when moving while a DWR treatment provides protection from mild moisture without sacrificing on stealth. An added benefit of the fabric staying dry is it helps prevent odors from becoming trapped, helping you to maintain a good scent control regimen.

dwr tech 3d illustration

With DWR technology you can focus on the hunt instead of worrying about staying dry and comfortable.