Final Preparations

Sep 06, 2011
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With hunting season only days away, it is time for those final adjustments so you’re prepared for whatever the season might have in store for you and your equipment.

Early Season Food Sources

Sep 06, 2011
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This is the time of year that we all wait for. It’s that time when we can finally figure out what bucks we have to hunt in the fast approaching fall. Watching bachelor groups of bucks in a late summer food pattern can be dynamite for catching mature bucks on trail cameras.

Here in the east and south we love to key in on food sources late summer. Normally, clover and alfalfa are great places to start, but we look for a couple of other key food items on the whitetails menu as well. This time of year apples and acorns, especially white oaks, begin to fall. Remember, white oaks typically begin to fall each year around August 15th. Once you locate the oaks, put up a trail cam and leave it for at least a couple of weeks at a time. If there are any mature bucks close by you will know it soon.

Last year was an incredible year for both apples and acorns, which in turn made it harder to zero in on which trees they were hitting the most. This year, we can already tell production isn’t as good, but that actually makes the hunting better. The deer are more centrally located instead of spread out, because only a small number of oaks are producing acorns. Bucks look to be bigger this year than normal due to all the extra food from last year. You couple that with the right oak flat or apple tree and you may find yourself in a honey hole with a chance at the best buck of your life.

Till next time!


Eric Hale and Chris Ward

Legends of the Fall

Bigtime tips

Sep 06, 2011
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How do I become a legend like yourself?

Well first off I’d like to say that I’m a legend in my own mind first and foremost…that’s where you have to start.  If you don’t believe in yourself, then your letting yourself down.  Secondly, LEGEND is a compound word coming from the Dutch word, LEGGINGS…. LEG, meaning “to stand” and END, meaning “not the beginning”.  In simple English it means, “don’t stand at the end of the line, or you’ll never be a winner”.

How may pounds do you pull?

About 252.  You see, I take to heart the words of my good ol’ Dad when he said  “either get out of my house, or start pulling your own weight around here”.  I’ve obviously increased over the years.

So, I know I have to spray down with Scent-Lok and fill my pockets with other Dead Downwind products, but I have a problem. My hunting buddy has a case of the stanks and I don’t know how to tell him tactfully. Ms. Manners says to ignore it, but he smells worse than a fresh steamy pile from my hunting dog Jorge d’ la Duc. How do I get him to embrace the Scent-Lok, Jimmy?

Lackey is the same way, leaving steaming piles everywhere….ohh, um your buddy…yeah…um…..tell him that smelling bad is a new and hip trend that’s all the rage in France, and any hunter worth his salt knows that you don’t want to be like the French.  He’ll change right quick.

What the heck is that on Lackey’s neck?

It’s a lump from where Chuck hit him with a sling shot.  A painful/embarrassing reminder that, even though Chuck may be a crappy cameraman, he’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to “acorn assault tactics”.

Hi Mr Bigtime! I’m going hunting with my husband and he doesn’t use stands. He drags me up and down cliffs in the mud and rain (we live in western Oregon) and through brush 2 feet taller than I am. We will walk & run for hours. How do I get rid of him so I can kick back & relax during my hunt. Oh, & I want a massive elk too!

I think maybe he’s trying to get rid of you!   Dragging you up and down cliffs sounds like…”wanting you to slip and fall to your doom”.  Trying to lose you in the tall brush.  Wearing you down by running for hours.  Say this… “you don’t need to be so gung-ho.  It’s not always about you, think of me once in a while.  If I’m not enjoying myself, and I’m not, you won’t be enjoying yourself either.” (raise your eyebrows at this point).  He will get the picture.

What is it like to be at the top of the Hunting World, with millions of fans wanting to be like you? Heck it used to be everyone wanted to be like Mike, but now its everyone wants to be like Jimmy.

I’m glad someone understands my heartache…It’s refreshing to hear.  I’ll give you an example of what I have to go through and how I’m looking out for the “up and coming” stars in the hunting world.  I was invited to go to a shindig put on by some “up and comers” in the Hunting TV world.  (Let’s just say they call themselves Freaks)  I decided to pass…why may you ask?  Not because I thought I was better than them,  but because when I walk into a room the flash bulbs go off and everybody is ooohing and ahhhing.  I didn’t want to draw the attention away from them at their own party….being at the top has made me humble.

My girlfriend is to scared to climb into the hang on tree stands cause she thinks she’ll fall… What do I do?

She’s absolutely right, it’s scary as heck!  Be a good boyfriend and put her stand about 3′ off the ground….below yours…on the backside of the tree….covered with a ground blind…with heat….and a TV.

JBT what does penguin taste like?

I’ve not dabbled into the finer cuisines of the North Pole, but I would guess it would be like a “fishy” chicken, or maybe frozen turkey.

Ok, dove season in texas and the wind is blowin 30 mph but the birds are still flying do i keep shooting no.8 shot or step up to no.6?

If you can, position yourself with the wind to your back and keep shooting the No. 8.  The wind will actually give the bb’s more stopping power.  If you are shooting against the wind, try a slug.

What attractant would you recommend? I have only 2 acres but, I’ve shot 15 pandy’s off it.

Actually one handcrafted by Lackey.  He takes peepee from 12 does, on 12 different diets, from 12 different areas of the country.  In an blending facility 12 miles under ground he spends 12 hours a day, for 12 days and comes up with this really stinky stuff.  I don’t know if it’s available on the the market yet.  Maybe in 12 months or so, it’s called  Eau De Estrus No. 8. (thought it would have been No. 12 didn’t you…me to…that’s lackey for you)

How did you get your start in the hunting industry?

Well lets face it, the hunting industry basically started with me, so I suppose somewhere around the time I started hunting.  Before me it was just plain hunting.  You went out bagged an animal, skinned it and ate it.  When I came on the scene the whole thing changed.  Now with my ideas and influence you can go in your electric 4-wheeler, your scent control clothing, your perfectly planted food plot, get up in your awesome treestand, with your cool looking bow…the list goes on and on.  Now believe it or not, I didn’t invent the television, but I did introduce the world to “TV hunting”.  Not just regular hunting, but “Jimmy Big Time” hunting…the best kind of TV there is.  That’s why I’m #1 when it comes to outdoor television.  All these other folks are good and I’m not knocking their talent, but when the industry wants the inside scoop to what’s hot…they come to me.

When you’re scouting for a new stand location what kinds of things do you look for?

I look for deer…duhh!

Who taught you how to hunt?

I’m totally self taught.  Actually when I was born I came out screaming “BIIIIIGGGG TTTTIIIIMME”, the doctor slapped me and I was instantly gifted with the art of hunting, fishing and all things outdoors.  It was really a spiritual awakening of sorts that gave me a kind of “5th sense” about when and where game will be.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to say that I’m a hunting God or anything like that, but you can if you want, I’m more of an antenna that sends and receives information.  For example, if a deer is in my vicinity I know that he is coming and he knows that he needs to come.  It really makes hunting easy for me.

Do you ever find yourself getting nervous or suffering from buck fever?

I never get nervous.  In fact it wasn’t a deodorant company that came up with the phrase “NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU GET NERVOUS,” it was me.  As far as buck fever, I think I had it once.  I was staring down this 220 class monster and decided to pass, when I suddenly had this burning sensation.  I’m not sure if it was buck fever or TexMex at Juan’s Spicy Pepper and Gift Shop.

What was it about Lackey that caused you to hire him?

I needed someone who believes in the “Big Time” to be at my side.  You see, it’s lonely at the top when you’re me and finding someone who is faithful is tough.  I had other assistants that were in it for the fame and glory, but not Lackey.  Heck, he told me once that he loved his job so much that he didn’t need to get paid.  Now even though I took him up on that offer for a few years, I found it in my heart to throw him a bone once in a while.  Actually he is like a dog…faithful, true, loves his master, works for bones and occasionally piddles on the carpet.

Do you think you will ever get married and settle down?

Why do you know someone?  I mean, maybe.  Right now I’m like a traveling hobo out on the open range, never staying at one town too long.  That’s no life for a wife.  Heck, that’s no life for anyone…how did those hobos do it, living in boxes and cars, not knowing when there next meal is coming from.  Kind of sounds like Chuck. Once I find a woman that can hunt, fish, run a camera, edit television shows, has a trust fund and is not too bad on the eyes, in that order of course, I’ll fire all my employees and see how she works out.  Then we’ll talk about a prenuptial…I mean marriage.

How often do you practice shooting your bow?

Practice?…I am gifted with the art of everything outdoors, this includes shooting a bow. I don’t need to practice. Usually I just have Lackey shoot my bow a few times before each trip. I trust him to make any adjustments that are needed. Once the bow gets in my hands it’s all over for the critter. To tell you the truth I don’t even aim, the arrow just always knows where to go.

Ask the Don

Sep 06, 2011
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Is there a special shampoo or body wash so that the deer don’t smell you?

You bet! Scent-Lok makes a great product called Hair and Body wash. We use it at least once a day before we hit the woods.

When hunting on 3-15 day hunting trips what is the best way to store and scent control your clothes. I can’t put them in a dryer for reactivation. Would the webing help for both my Scentlok and Silver clothing?

Great question and people often forget this vital step. I would recommend storing everything in a ScenTote or some type of airtight container with a carbon web adsorber. It would be a good idea to store all of your carbon and non carbon hunting clothing, anything you are wearing while in the stand, in this container to keep it as scent free as possible.

I’ve been getting pictures of a buck for 4 years now that’s probably at least 7 years old. He’s going downhill in rack size was over 200 inches as an 18 point non typical, now probably in the 180s with unreal mass! Out of thousands of pictures not a single one is in the daylight. I have NEVER seen this buck in person. I’ve hunted his core area, bedding area, and travel corridors in early season, all phases of the rut, and late season (which is where I thought I’d most likely see him) but have had no luck! I would really just like to see him on the hoof! Harvesting him would just be a bonus! I’ve tried every tactic in my 20 plus year book and have tried everything my friends and mentors have thought, maybe you can give me a new tactic!

Ive had several bucks in the 7-9year old range although these deer are so cautious in every step they take, they do move in the daylight. The last buck I shot that was that old I finally had to back off the food source four hundred yards I thought he was coming from based on where I found his sheds the last several years. I truly think bucks like this may not walk over 50-100 yds before dark. Thats why they are so hard to kill you cant get close enough to hunt them. Im assuming this is the case with your buck as well as your deer are likely being pressured from other hunters.

I hunt a 36,000 acre patch of public ground here in Arkansas. Everytime I think I have a pattern figured out the deer disappear. Got any tips on how the close the deal before they catch on and skin out? Thanks and I love the show!!

With any public ground you are gonna have deer that are highly sensitive so you have to figure out how to enter and exit your stand without any deer having a chance of spotting you or smelling your scent trail. I do this by walking up any ditch or creek that is deep enough to hide you to get in and out of stand. I always try to keep my wind to were it is difficult for deer to circle downwind. You have your work cut out for you on public ground. I have hunted public ground in the past and you have to figure out the most inaccessible part of that public ground so other people arent messing with your hunt too.

What can I do to lure in does after the rut in MN? I only have Doe tags left. (One Buck and a Doe in the Freezer…BTW, while wearing Scent-Lok!) I am not going out for firearm. But I would like to go out again after.

Theres only one way to bring does in…food! They will be pounding some kind of standing grain or leftover crops that have already been harvested. You can bet they will be grouped up on some kind of foodsource!

I got deer blood on my scent lok pants and jacket. What are the steps I should take to wash my scent lok clothing?

First of all, congrats on getting a deer!! Pretty simple really, I would recommend just using fragrance free washing detergent, there are tons of different kinds on the market specifically for hunting clothing, I use Scent-Lok’s Activated Carbon Clothes Wash for all of my washing. You should be good to go from there.

Does putting sent lock clothing in the dry reactivate it?

Absolutely!! That is exactly how it should be used. Put your Scent-Lok in the dryer for 40-50 minutes on high heat and store it in an air tight container when it is not being worn in the field. I usually reactivate my Scent-Lok in the dryer around 6-8 times a season so I’m keeping the activated carbon pores fresh.

What do you think about chewing tobacco in a tree stand? spitting on ground or a plastic water bottle?

Well we recommend that no tobacco is used in the field in order to keep all foreign odors out as much as possible. But we also understand that habits are habits. I would recommend using a plastic bottle so that the scent from the tobacco is concealed as much as possible and isn’t being left on the ground after you leave your hunting area.

Does scent lock clothing require the use of any scent away products to be used or sprayed on the outer layers of the clothing? Or does the clothing eliminate scents on the outside from sitting around campfires etc.

Scent-Lok does not require any scent away products or sprays to be used on the clothing. Actually, Scent-Lok recommends that you do not use any of the sprays on it to keep the adsorbing of the activated carbon at it’s peek levels. We really encourage you not to sit around the campfire with Scent-Lok or wear your Scent-Lok anywhere but in the field when hunting. Otherwise it should be stored in an airtight container.

What is the difference between the head hunter suit and the full season?

The differences between the Head Hunter suit and the Full Season suit are the Head Hunter suit is a softshell fabric that repels water extremely well and has a contoured fit to the body. It is also a little heavier weight than the Full Season. The Full Season is a trico-fleece (basically think of a light quiet microfleece) fabric that is not as water resistant as the Head Hunter and is a little lighter in weight. The Full Season also fits a little more loosely than the Head Hunter.

Are Scent-Loc products UV light free?

Yes they are treated against UV light so there is no need to treat it for UV prevention.

I am wanting to buy a set of scent lok base layers. When looking at sizes, should I buy them as a compression fit or a little looser?

They are generally a little tighter fitting. So it really depends on what type of fit you want. If you want to go with a compression feel I would go with your original size. if you are looking for something a little looser you might want to think about sizing up one size.

I have long walks to my stand and tend to sweat a lot, especially before the temperature drops. Should I put my scent lok clothes in my bag when I get to my truck or do I need to air dry them first?

Great question. I would recommend letting them air dry first. But, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to let them air dry go ahead and put them in your bag, but it would be a good idea to reactivate it in the dryer right when you get home and restore it in your airtight container.

How do you reactive the carbon web panels for the travel bags?

You don’t. The carbon mats are used for the entire season and then at the end of your season simply throw it away and replace it before the start of next season.

Can I use Scent Lok in my new High Efficiency Washer which reguires HE soap?

Yes you certainly can!

I’ve located a mature buck on highly pressured property. I feel that I have also located his bedding area without spooking him, but I haven’t seen him after the season started. How often does a mature buck get up and move during the middle part of the day outside of the rut? Or how far from his bedding area might he venture? Thanks…been watching your shows for YEARS.

There is only very few times that a mature buck will be caught on his feet with any consistency. One of those is early season and by that I mean August-October 10th after that he goes into seclusion . Once velvet has been stripped they are a totally different animal. They obviously are on their feet moving about, but I promise it’s not very far from their bedding area. In the mornings he will already be slipped back into his bedding are before the first crack of light. In the evenings they may not move 100yds until you get closer to the very first doe to cycle. When mature bucks do move they are notorious for letting all of the young bucks and does walk into the fields , food plots first they have to make sure everything is safe. I’ve found the best bet for taking mature bucks is in the mornings . It seems like odds are better and after all night of peace and quiet they let their guard down. In the evenings they have heard people, vehicles and dogs. They are tense and on edge. It’s very hard to get close to their bedding area before it gets dark. Without bumping them. If you haven’t caught him before prerut then hunt the does he will then be on his feet for the first time after velvet stripping. Here in Iowa sometimes our best bet is late season. Pray for cold and snow then hunt the food!

Can I use Scent Lok in my new High Efficiency Washer which reguires HE soap?

Absolutely!! Scent-Lok’s Activated Carbon Detergent is HE so you will be good to go.

How do you reactive the carbon web panels for the travel bags?

You actually don’t. Just take it out of the plastic sealed bag once you get it and put it in your bag or tote. Then once the season is over throw it away and get a new one.

I have long walks to my stand and tend to sweat a lot, especially before the temperature drops. Should I put my scent lok clothes in my bag when I get to my truck or do I need to air dry them first?

Since your Scent-Lok clothing should never be outside of an airtight bag or some other type of scent free storage, you should put them back in the bag. But once you get home it would be a good idea to hang them outdoors and let them dry and throw them back in your dryer to reactivate if you have sweated a lot in them.

I am wanting to buy a set of Scent-Lok base layers. When looking at sizes, should I buy them as a compression fit or a little looser?

They fit more like compression fit. So it depends on the type of fit you like.

I have an original Scent-Lok suit given to me by my dad he says it’s about 10 yrs old. Is it still good or to old?

It really depends on how much it has been used in the field. Judging from an average hunters time in the woods, Scent-Lok suits are usually effective for around six years. Now if the suit has been used very little or not at all you should be good to go. Otherwise, you might want to look into updating your Scent-Lok gear.

Is it necessary or useful to wash newly purchased scent-lok products (full season pants, jacket, gloves, stove-it mask) prior to going into the woods? Does in-store scent and handling affect the products capacity?

I always wash my Scent-Lok gear when it is brand new. Although the activated carbon is not actually adsorbing anything until it is put in the dryer to be activated, I still like to get all of the surfaces clean from everyone’s hands and even just general storage smells from warehouses, stores, etc. off of the suit. So yes, I would recommend it. No, in store scent and handling does not effect the clothing’s integrity.

What kind of detergent do you recommend to wash my sccent lock dakota jacket. also how do i recharge the carbon in it. I remember reading something about it on the tag when i bought it a few years ago but i lost that tag when i moved thanks-cory

I always use Scent-Lok’s Carbon Reactivating Detergent. It is specially made to clean the fabric as well as the activated carbon in your Scent-Lok suit. It has special enzymes in that target a really broad range of odors. That’s about all I know. I leave that scientific stuff to the folks at Scent-Lok, all I know is that it works!

Do I need to wash my new Scent-Loc clothes before I go hunting?

You really only need to wash your suit after it has gotten really dirty, bloody or if you have sweat in it a lot. Otherwise it needs to be reactivated in your dryer about six to eight times a season. I usually reactivate the activated carbon in my Scent-Lok suit at the very beginning of the season four or five times through late October and November and then two more times during the late season. Of course that all depends on how much I am hunting, what the conditions are, etc.

Haven’t used my suit in a couple years. What do I need to do to reactivate my suit?

The first thing you should probably do is wash it if you didn’t wash it at the end of your last season. Make sure you use detergent that is meant for activated carbon clothing. Then you want to put it in your dryer for a normal cycle. The heat from your dryer is actually what reactivates the carbon in your Scent-Lok suit. Once the drying cycle is done make sure you store it in an air tight bag either by it self or only with other activated carbon clothing. Then you are good to go!

When you see that a buck is going to give you a shot opportunity, what is your final thought process leading up to the shot?

The first thing I do is make sure the deer is old enough. Then I start thinking where is the wind and which pin I am going to use 20, 30 or 40. I always guess exactly where my shot is going to be and position my feet before he gets to that spot. I try not to draw until his perifial vision is to where I think I can draw where I won’t get picked. Take a deep breath, relax and repeatedly tell myself do not mess this up, bury the pin and take the shot. Obviously we are always filming these hunts so its not only me I have to worry about. I have to make sure the camera man is getting good footage and is on the deer before I shoot and that can be very distracting.

Do you typically like to hunt mornings or afternoons better? Why?

Defiantly mornings! I feel its easier to catch a deer going back to his bed in the morning because he has been out all night without seeing people, cars, trucks, etc and their attitude makes it much easier to call and rattle when they are in that relaxed mode. In the  evenings, they don’t put very much distance on after they get out of their bed so you really have to get close to their bedding areas and you take the chance of getting too close and jumping that deer.

What have you found to be the most effective food source for the early season?

Early season, The best food source is probably acorns. But they can be very difficult to hunt when you have 200 oak trees per acre. As far as crops, green plots are hard to beat.

In your opinion, are rub lines reliable enough to hunt?

Yes. Rub lines are just basically a bucks travel route. You just need to keep in mind where these rub lines are coming from and going to. An important question to ask is a rub line connecting food to cover? Because if your hunting a rub line in the morning you need to be closest to the cover side of that. The opposite in the evenings be closer to the food source.

When is usually the best time to call and rattle?

We have rattled in bucks from Oct 1-Jan 10th. But if I had to narrow it down the best time is two weeks prior to the first does coming into heat. Which is usually Oct 20-Nov 5 here in the Midwest.

What is it like having your wife as your hunting partner?

Convenient! It is definitely let us spend more time together and more then anything you learn every move the other person is going to make which helps as a cameraman/hunter.

There are a lot of mixed feelings on shooting does, how important is it really?

The most important thing that a manager can do! High deer numbers over browse the habitat, over stresses the bucks and will cause the mature bucks to intentionally stay on your outside edges away from the high deer numbers. In time high deer numbers cause smaller bodies and smaller racks. If you can keep the deer numbers at a 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 your top end potential will go through the roof.

Hello, I’m Don Kisky, you may ask me anything.

Breaking News

Aug 19, 2011
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ALS Enterprises, Inc., owners and marketer of the Scent-Lok® brand of scent control hunting apparel, has claimed a major victory in the long-standing class action lawsuit that challenged the products’ ability to control human odor.  After four years of litigation, which was brought by a group of five Minnesota hunters, a federal appeals court issued its decision on August 18, rejecting plaintiffs’ core allegations and overturning an injunction issued last year.


Among other things, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit noted that evidence introduced in the district court showed that carbon-containing hunting clothing dramatically outperformed non-carbon clothing at adsorbing odors:  “Defendants’ expert, Dr. Hartman, conducted quantitative permeation testing and estimated that Defendants’ products ‘blocked’ ninety-six to ninety-nine percent of odor compounds, whereas non-carbon garments blocked only five to fifty-five percent.”


The Eighth Circuit also ruled that ALS’s use of the terms “odor eliminating” and “reactivation” in describing its products was not literally false, and that the district court had erred in basing “its determination of literal falsity on the most absolute of competing dictionary definitions of the word ‘eliminate.’”  In support, the Court noted that “Defendants introduced evidence of substantial customer satisfaction with ALS’s Scent-Lok® products, as well as evidence that, when those products first came on the market in the early 1990’s, numerous soaps, powders, and cover sprays were being marketed to deer hunters as ‘odor-eliminating’ products.”


The Court also ruled that “Plaintiffs led the district court into error” in entering an injunction, and ordered the dismissal of all claims for injunctive relief because “Plaintiffs failed to prove both the requisite irreparable injury and their core allegations that Defendants’ use of the terms ‘odor eliminating’ and ‘reactivation’ were literally false.


Scent-Lok® president and inventor of activated-carbon hunting apparel, Greg Sesselmann, commented:  “We are gratified by the decision.  It gives me great satisfaction that our products continue to provide hunters the ability to get close to wildlife and experience the beauty of nature like never before.  At the same time, we are saddened at the burden that this lawsuit has caused our team members and their families, as well as the frustration that our retailers, field staff and sales rep organizations have experienced.  We thank all of those who have stood beside us in this fight, especially our ultimate customers—people who have purchased Scent-Lok® gear and know that it works.”


“Customers have never needed an attorney to get total satisfaction from our company.”  Sesselmann remarked.  “Our satisfaction level is extremely high and, based on the unsolicited testimonials that we receive and our own experience in the field, we know that Scent-Lok® products are highly effective at reducing odors.  On behalf of our retail partners, we remain focused on making the best hunting apparel in the world.”


Stalking Bruins North of the Border

Jun 30, 2011
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Host of HeadHunters TV Randy Birdsong and his beautiful British Columbia color phase bear.

As hunters we are always excited about hunting a new place for the first time.  For me, that trip was to Northern British Columbia.  For the first time ever I got to go north of the border to chase black bear from the ground on a spot and stalk hunt.

With the new release of the Scent-Lok Head Hunter suit, I figured there was no better way to break that joker in than with a little yogi hunting!  My intention’s for the trip were to spot and stalk a bear within bow range. I soon realized though with the dry noisy conditions that we were faced with that wasn’t going to happen. On a normal year, British Columbia is very wet, but for some reason we could not buy a rainstorm to help quit things down. We tried everything that we could but it seemed like about 75 yards was as close as we could get.

On the third day of the hunt we got within 20 yards of being able to get off a shot on a big color phase chocolate. Back at camp that night I sat around thinking about how close we came and how much I would really like to take a big color phase bear home with me, but I thought my chances were slim to none to ever lay eyes on that bear again. Luckily for me, not so lucky for him, we found the exact same bear the very next day but it was the same story.  We crawled once again in to about 70 yards and the bear heard us coming and instantly spooked. As the bear stopped at 125 yards up the hill the guide slid me over his .378 Weatherby and we instantly evened the playing field. I settled in and squeezed the trigger. Long story short, that beautiful color phase bear that I had my sights set on is going to look real nice in my trophy room.


California Hybrids

Jun 23, 2011
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Marlon Holden preparing to hunt the Mountains of California for hybrid mulies.

Like many areas, the fall brings the rut. However, Southern California has one of the earliest rut periods for any cervid this side of the hundredth parallel. The deer here are called Pacific Hybrids, small in stature at about 140 lbs. on the hoof fully mature with racks tending to be more remiss for a Sitka blacktail than a muley. None the less, they are just as cunning. The mountains in which they inhabit are just as big as any of their Western cousins, with cavernous canyons and thick choked slopes where the median temperature tends to run about 95 degrees or better during the season opener. The distinct advantage archers have in hunting hybrids comes with the rut and with it comes a time when the bucks are out and about seeking estrous does. This magical time can begin in late September and extend all the way through November.

The hunt began after a steep hike up a spine to a good glassing area. My Scentlok Full-Season pants kept me quiet moving brush aside and my Savanna Bomber Jacket keeping the cold out as dry oak leaves crack beneath my boot soles. The smell of laurel permeated the air. It was fall and the hunt had been going in various regions of Southern California now for the past three months. The poison oak was bright orange and red and if you’re not careful it will have you wishing you were more cautious when you’re getting aggressive on a stalk deep into a hybrids lair.
Perched from my lookout, I began to pick apart the valley below. After switching positions a couple times to get better angles, I found a glint of antler bobbing up and down. The beautiful buck was flehming; raising his head up and down chasing two does at about 1000 yards out. He was a decent buck considering the lack of water leading to poor growth this year. What made him stand out was the fact that he was a four by four. In hybrid terms a four by four is like a winning lotto ticket, extremely rare and the chances of getting one is slim to none.

Marlon Holden with his stud 4x4 hybrid mulie

I made my way to where I last saw him. The sun was already beating down and not much stirred aside from a couple surrounding birds echoing thought the canyon. I eased over each fold in front of me as if on cue that I would need to make a quick shot at close range. After putting an imaginary sneak on the last three folds in the land, I caught his antler tips bedded up ahead across the short steep cut. He was facing me so I carefully positioned myself behind a scrub oak bush. After a quick inspection of the lay of the land, it was easy to see this was as close as I would be able to get without kicking him out.

Ranging him at 43 yards, I felt extremely confident that I could make good on the opportunity. I eased an arrow from my quiver and pulled it tight to the bowstring. As the buck shook his head from an insect that was pestering him, I took the moment to slide out from my cover giving me an even 60 yard shot. As I drew back, he caught my movement and focused on my position still in his bed. I focused in and released the arrow. I watched my arrow arch slightly and fall perfectly into his heart. He never got up from his bed, but rather solicited his final throws where he lay from a perfect shot. I ran up to him and held his perfect four point rack, admiring all that he was. I remember being amazed at how small his body actually was, maybe 120 pounds on the hoof. After packing him into my trusty Badlands pack, I began the trek out, extremely fulfilled on yet another awesome trip into the California Mountains.

June Smallies

Jun 15, 2011
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Scent-Lok Technologies Merchandising Manager Mike Wiseman

Well we were finally able to make it up to the cabin in Northern Michigan this past weekend. Good friends Bobby Helms, John West and my brother Joe were with me as we set out on our annual pilgrimage to target arguably the gamiest fish in any body of water, the smallmouth bass. After crossing the mighty Mackinaw Bridge followed by a short ferry ride, we arrived at our destination with just enough time to gear up and head out to the lake for a few hours before dark. Little did we know that it would be the prelude to the best fishing trip any of us have ever had! We proceeded to catch in the upwards of 120 smallies in the next couple days before returning on Monday. The fish were aggressive and on the prowl to say the least. The bite included spinnerbaits, tubes, topwater plugs, senko’s and a couple on a flyrod, one pushing 6lbs. Thanks to my brother and my good friends for making the trip so memorable. Not only was the fishing excellent, but as any outdoorsman knows, the camaraderie is what takes any trip to the next level.


Bob Helms and John West with two nice smallies

Joe Wiseman with a Northern Michigan dandy











Mike Wiseman

Scent-Lok Technologies

Merchandising Manager

Nebraska Turkeys with Cabela’s

Jun 02, 2011
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Mike Riddle, Mike Andrews and Don Douglas are all smiles with their NE birds.

Every now and then it seems like I find a real gem of a hunting location. Sometimes it’s in a location that you never expected. A place that you find that doesn’t break the bank, yet has all of the ingredients for another great hunting adventure.

Rush Creek Adventures lies in the rich and abundant Platte River watershed in western Nebraska. With some twenty miles of access along this breadbasket of farm, ranch, grasslands and cottonwood bottom land, the area is a giant magnet for mulies, whitetail deer, antelope, and even a few elk in the upper elevations.

Our adventure this spring was a Merriam turkey hunt for three of us from Scent-Lok headquarters. We all love spring turkey hunting almost as much as we love chasing whitetails and mulies, so when our close friends at Cabela’s invited us for a hunt we jumped at the chance. What we experienced got us all excited about booking some future hunts with Miles and his team.

Trees are sometimes scarce in this part of Nebraska, but one look at the area surrounding the Platte river and there was little doubt that we’d be able to roost a few birds for the first day hunt. Miles and his son Jeff had done all of the prep work so we had nothing but high hopes as we headed out at 4:30 AM. I couldn’t believe that the sun was already starting to light the eastern sky at that hour.

On the first day, three of us killed our Merriam. Mine came at the same time that Don Douglas with Cabela’s shot his bird, exactly 5:35 AM! Mike Riddle of Cabela’s dropped a bird later in the morning. That left two hunters to go on day two and after a blustery rain squall during the night; Norm Langlois our VP of Sales scored and our third man missed at 30 yards. All in all we should have easily tagged 100% by the second day.

Norm Langlois Scent-Lok VP of Sales

Thanks to Miles Fiscus for the great help and hard work. We’ll be checking calendars soon and planning something to get us back to Rush Creek again soon!

Mike Andrews

VP of Marketing Scent-Lok Technologies


One Special Turkey

May 24, 2011
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One of the greatest things about working in the outdoor industry, particularly for Scent-Lok, is the family atmosphere it has. If anything good or bad happens to one of us we all seem to share the joy or burden one way or another. Ours is definitely a business where everyone cares a great deal for each other and I know I feel extremely lucky to take part in that comradery.

Here is a story about one of Scent-Lok’s own that really hits home and we are all behind him as he persevered through his struggles. It is amazing the power hunting has. It can lift the soul and shed light on our hearts at the darkest of times. This story is a perfect example of what hunting can do for people and how time spent in the outdoors is the greatest medicine of all.

Matt Katzfuss is a sales rep. for Scent-Lok that loves this industry and the outdoors as much as anyone. In fact, the only thing he loves more than the outdoors is his family. When we learned that his family had suffered a loss and another big scare all in the same week, we all gave our thoughts and prayers out to the Katzfuss family.

Here is a letter from Matt:


“We had to say goodbye to a very close member of the family Monday. We lost our 10 year old lab Copper. We were all very close to her and she will always hold a special place in our hearts. Many of my memories in the outdoors are with her. It won’t be often that I step outside and not think of a beautiful chocolate lab running around loving life. That same week, just four days later, I came dangerously close to losing my dad. He was rushed to the ER Friday morning after fainting and collapsing into bed. They quickly determined he had an abdominal aneurysm that had ruptured and needed immediate surgery. The doctor told us his condition was very grave and that we needed to prepare for the worst. I was in total shock. First Copper on Monday and now my dad on Friday.

With the odds stacked against him, my dad thankfully pulled through. The surgeons where able to repair the artery with a stint and the procedure could not have gone better. My mom’s quick thinking to call 911 and the fact that the rupture was partially contained by connective tissue saved my dad’s life. I am happy to report he is doing well and should make a full recovery.

With my dad on the mend, I decided to hit the turkey woods with a close friend Easter morning to try and lift my spirits. It was great to be out in nature and watch the sun break over the horizon. My friend had a plan and put us in the perfect location. As we waited patiently in the dark, the roosted turkey gobbles told us we were close. After hens pitched down right behind the blind, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the ol’ tom showed up. It was like he read the script, and within five minutes we caught him moving through the field right toward us. He was in full strut, with his bright blue head in magnificent contrast to the earth tone surroundings. At 30 yards, I held tight on him remembering to breath and squeezed the trigger, making a clean kill. My Easter gobbler weighed in at 24 pounds and had a 10 inch beard!

Matt's Easter gobbler

It was an awesome hunt and as I gave a silent prayer to the turkey, I gave thanks to God for a successful hunt, for a beautiful morning and for all that he does even if we don’t always understand why. I prayed for Copper and gave thanks for the 10 great years with her. I also gave thanks for the second chance with my father. It was one long week, maybe the hardest of my entire life. Although saddened by Copper’s loss, the fact I still have my dad after we were so close to losing him, still has me elated. There is no doubt I have gained in strength and character. I have a renewed appreciation for life and those that are important to me. The sunrise this morning was a little brighter, my son’s smile a little more touching and I don’t think I have ever held him tighter. Just when things are going great, life has a way of turning on you when you’re least expecting it. I know it did to me and I just give thanks to all my family and friends for all their support and prayers.”

Thanks Matt for reminding all of us how important it is to cherish those dear to us each and every day. We are proud to have Matt in the Scent-Lok family and we will all continue to pray and wish his father a speedy recovery. Matt’s Easter turkey is a clear testament to the fact that hunting can give you strength when you need it most. So let’s hit the woods and get some of that outdoor therapy!

Alex Gyllstrom
Scent-Lok Technologies