Late October Buck

By John Eberhart It was October 19th and still a bit early to hunt my rut phase locations so I planned on checking a secondary location at the back of a standing cornfield that had two scrapes opened up during my pre-season speed tour. On an early season hunt the scrapes had become inactive so Read More

Base Layers: The First Line of Defense

One of the aspects of a proper scent control regimen that is not required yet is an aid to both the longevity of your exterior activated carbon lined jacket and pants and your scent control is the bottom layer garments you wear against your skin. ScentLok has had offerings in base garments for years and Read More

Choosing the Right Tree

By: John Eberhart   You’ve scouted and have several locations to prepare. You now have all spring to prepare those locations and it’s advised to prepare locations in order of importance with what you think are the best ones being prepared first. When pursuing mature bucks in heavily pressured areas, choosing the proper tree can Read More

Make Sure You Aren’t The Reason Your Bucks Are Camera Shy

By John Eberhart: For anyone that has my bowhunting books or instructional DVD’s, you know I’ve been a long-time critic of using motion cameras. While still a critic, depending on the amount and type of pressure in an area, location of camera(s), type of camera(s), and frequencies of visits to camera(s), I now use them, Read More