ScenTote Hard Tote

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ScenTote Hard Tote

Quick Overview

The key to beating the nose of big game is having an effective scent control routine before you ever leave your house.

• Metal handles for a secure & air-tight lid system
    For durability and maximum scent control
Great for quads or utility vehicles
30" wide by 15.3" tall by 16" deep


Product Description

Keep your gear safe and keep scent away with the Hard Tote. Without bonding agents holding it in place, the activated-carbon has a greater surface area, allowing it to adsorb more odor.


Posted on 9/20/2017 by buckbuster nutrition / faktor outdoors
I OWN 4 OF THESE BOXES, I GOT TO SAY THEY FLAWLESS WHEN IT COMES TO KEEPING MY GEAR SECURE AND SCENT FREE LIGHT WEIGHT AND roomy... out of all the scent box in todays market I would spend my $ on these....
Posted on 7/10/2017 by Cannon
The ScentLok Hard Tote is my absolute favorite storage box for all my clothes and more! It is very well built so it will not break even after being thrown around in the back of the truck & most importantly, it keeps my clothing as scent free as possible!
Over the top
Posted on 12/13/2016 by Nonamenogame
very nice
Great Product
Posted on 1/24/2016 by Dan'l
I have 2 of these totes and store all of my hunting gear in them.
1st. one for my light gear (warm weather) 2nd for my heavy gear (cold weather)
They work great and I recommend this Storage tote to all my hunting buddies.
ScenTote Hard Tote
Posted on 11/1/2015 by Dan'l
October 31, 2015

I bought one these totes about 5 years ago and just bought my second one this year (10/2015) because the first one worked so well.
I hadn't opened it in 3 years after I got through hunting and put my gear and some of my hunting clothes in it, there were a couple of scent disc that I had used that season were in with my clothes and the hunting gear that was stored in the tote and everything smelled like the scent disk from the top to the bottom of the tote and I stored them the same way this year. The second tote is going to be for the rest of my hunting clothing and gear.

I highly recommend this product.
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