Carbon Adsorber

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Carbon Adsorber

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The key to beating the nose of big game is having an effective scent control routine before you ever leave your house.

• Use as a replacement in any existing ScentTote product or to upgrade a normal storage container


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Product Description

The ScentLok Carbon Adsorber helps improve the storage of your hunting clothing by trapping unwanted odors that can accumulate during storage. Keeping all hunting clothing stored properly is a critical part of an effective scent-control system. Simply remove the Carbon Adsorber from the plastic package and place inside your ScenTote storage system, garment bags, duffles, or footlockers. The Carbon-Web® adsorber can be used as original replacements for ScenTote® products or to upgrade other scent-control storage products. We recommend replacing your adsorber every season.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The amount of carbon inside of every adsorber will last at least the length of one season, so there is no need to reactivate it. In fact, doing so may reduce the effectiveness of the product. The adsorber is designed to freely distribute carbon throughout your container, by reactivating it in a dryer you will be unnaturally breaking the carbon loose thereby losing some of its adsorptive capacity.


Great product
Posted on 8/21/2017 by Schunter843
This is a great product to add inside a tote. Keeps clothes scent free all season long. You will have to replace it before the start of the next season.
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