Whitetail Fix

In life, people seek places and experience moments that not only help them escape their realities, but enable them to grasp the ones in reach, and strive for the ones that are not. People are shaped and molded by their accomplishments in life, family, and values that they have entrusted. However, some seem to have a void that’s left unfilled. Follow the Whitetail Fix crews as they share with America just how they fill that void in life.

Matt Bullins, Chuck Weldon, Steve Filley, Jon Dittmer, Jeremy Borges, Jesse Fulwider, Mike Marsteller, Ernie DeSantis and Jose Del Otero make up The Whitetail Fix! These 9 guys come from different walks of life, different backgrounds, they have different jobs, different accents but they all share one common bond. The need, the addiction, the passion and desire of producing hunts and chasing trophy whitetails! After a successful stint on the popular outdoor show Dream Season Workin’ Man forces were joined, ideas were exchanges and finally The Whitetail Fix was born!

The Whitetail Fix will take you along our seasons journey as we travel the country trying to fulfill that need and that desire to get our Whitetail Fix!! Along the way we will entertain you with a style of show and passion never before seen in outdoor television!

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Ernie DeSantis

Born and raised in the Great Lakes State, Ernie graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and is currently nearing completion of his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration. For over ten years he has been blessed to teach 5th grade students in his hometown of Dearborn, Michigan, where he currently resides with his wonderful wife Stacey, and their two beautiful children, Vincia, and Valentino.

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Jose Del Otero

José was born in Caracus Venezuela and raised in Southern Michigan. He’s married to his loving wife Melinda and is a proud father of three amazing children, Antonio, Isabella, and Melina.

José currently works for Ford Motor Company since 1999, and is classified as an assembler. He enjoys time with his family, hunting, camping, fishing and all athletic sports.

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Matt Bullins

Matt Bullins lives with his wife, Amy and daughter, Brooklyn Capri in Galax, Virginia.  He currently works as an Adult Probation & Parole Officer for the Commonwealth of Virginia and has served in that role since 2005.

Matt grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in northwest North Carolina, where hunting wasn’t just a hobby but more of a way of life.  There is no doubt that hunting has played a major role in shaping and evolving him into the individual that he is today.

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Jesse Fulwider

Jesse works and lives in west central Indiana (Hendricks County) with his wife Amanda and three boys: Garrett, Braxton, and Sutton. Jesse has worked as a Sheriff’s Deputy for the past 16 years in Hendricks County.

Jesse was introduced to hunting by his father at the age of eight. He started filming hunts with long time friend and fellow Indiana crew member, Mike Marsteller in 2005.

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Mike Marsteller

Mike was raised in West-Central Indiana and received his college degree in Conservation Law Enforcement. Mike is currently employed as a Patrolman for the Speedway Police Department, home of the Indianapolis 500. Mike has one daughter, Madison, who just completed her freshman year at Purdue University.

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Jon Dittmer

Born and raised in Higginsville, Missouri, Jon studied Criminal Justice at Central Missouri State University in Missouri. During college, Jon initially opened Spring Creek Taxidermy to help with finances, which worked out to be his career and dream job.

Employed as a taxidermist now for the last 10 years, Jon is proud to work in the industry he so loves and is completely passionate about. He met his wife Laura in college and they have a four year old son, Colton and a beautiful six month old daughter, Hadley.

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Jeremy "Worm" Borges

Jeremy was raised in the small town of Gallatin, Missouri. He began hunting at the age of six with his father. By the age of twelve he had harvested his first whitetail with a bow. This would only be the beginning of his need to fulfill an ultimate fix.

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Chuck Weldon

Chuck Weldon was born and raised in Gallatin, Missouri, where he lives today with his beautiful wife, Becky and step-daughter, Hannah. Chuck farms approximately 3000 acres of corn and soybeans with his father Jim. Chuck is also a contract pork producer with the capacity to house 6,800 head of hogs.

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Steve Filley

Steve Filley was born in Cameron, Missouri on July 14 1972. Like most kids, he was introduced to hunting by his father; William (Leroy) now deceased since February 19, 2012. In 1995, Steve would meet Chuck Weldon, while employed as a police officer in Gallatin, MO.

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