Major League Bowhunter

A truly educational, bow hunting only show that covers every detail of the hunt in a fresh, new way never before seen on outdoor television. Show hosts Jeff Danker, Matt Duff and Chipper Jones invite all hunters, both experienced and beginner to learn something from every encounter each week that will help them be more successful on their next hunt!

Chipper Jones

As co-owner of Major League Bowhunter, Chipper also works alongside his good friends Jeff & Duff as a host of the show, sharing his knowledge and experience as an accomplished bowhunter. His enthusiasm in the outdoors comes across not only on camera, but in the inner workings of the day to day business of the company. Chipper has four sons, Matthew, Trey, Tristen, and Shea, and a step-son, Bryson, with his wife, Taylor.

Matt Duff

Matt Duff is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. He grew up in Alligator, Mississippi, along the banks of the Mississippi river. Matt grew up hunting deer, ducks and turkeys with his father, who Matt credits for making him into the avid outdoorsman he is today. Matt took a liking to bow hunting at an early age and now that the sun has set on his 13 year Professional Baseball career, Matt has taken his passion for bow hunting into the hunting industry as a business owner & outdoor TV personality.