Individually, they are pieces of a puzzle. Often times muddy and unshaven, necks red from the work they perform under a scorching sun, faces burnt from western winds, hands raw from piercing cold. They are as different as anyone you'll ever meet, with one very important exception. To tell the story, they'll travel further, work longer, and sacrifice more, all the while burning their memories to 1080i HD media. You will never look at outdoor television the same way again.

Randy Birdsong

Young, driven, talented. All words used to describe Birdsong and his desire to produce the best outdoor television available to viewers. As skilled behind the camera as he is in front of it, Randy Birdsong wakes up each day thinking about how to best tell the American Hunter's story. Best known for his award-winning work on one of the countries most popular outdoor shows, Whitetail Freaks, Randy's passion for hunting goes much deeper than just pursuing monster whitetails. He's an avid waterfowl, elk, mule deer and turkey hunter who's 1000 watt smile lets everyone around him know that he's here for good fellowship as well as good hunting.

Nate Hosie

Known to some as "The Turkey Slayer," Nate was molded into a fine tuned killing machine through years of hunting with his neighbors. While he loves hunting everything from deer to game birds, he took a special interest in turkey hunting and especially calling in birds for his friends. A few years ago Nate met Randy Birdsong and added fuel to the fire that would become HeadHunters TV. For Nate, it's not the score of a deer or beard of a turkey it's the memories made out in the timber in God's country that he will cherish forever.