My ScentLok Success: Zach Hatfield

ZACH HATFIELD Nebraska I’m a teacher that resides in Michigan and mainly hunts in Michigan and have used ScentLok activated carbon lined clothing for many years after reading about scent control from John Eberhart through his first book Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails. I have taken several nice bucks that were or at some point had passed downwind Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jason Eubank

JASON EUBANK Virginia In Northern Virginia I hunt in a heavily pressured area for both rifle and bow season, so I knew it was going to be challenging. The spot I have permission to hunt is 10 acres of open horse pasture with a small pond in the center that’s surrounded on all sides by oak Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jason Hrelec

JASON HRELEC Michigan I was hunting in a well-used transition travel corridor between a bedding and feeding area when this 9 point came in from the opposite direction of where I thought the deer would come from. Of course it was during the rut when as you know, nothing is carved into stone concerning routine deer Read More

My ScentLok Success: David Ferianc

DAVID FERIANC Grand Rapids, MI 2008 was the second year I started taking scent control seriously after reading two of your books. I remember specifically that the wind was blowing in the “wrong direction” because I chose a stand based on deer movement instead of wind direction that morning. A friend of mine wanted to video Read More

My ScentLok Success: Marc Ellerbee

MARC ELLERBEE Georgia I had been wearing the same hunting clothing for six years and it was time for not only a change, but for an upgrade in garment technology. After considering several different brands I just wasn’t sure of which to purchase. This year I came across a podcast interview with John Eberhart and once Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jason Eubank

JASON EUBANK Texas On opening day of bow season in Texas it got up to 89 degrees and thinking about what you teach about not overheating during entries, I headed to my stand with no shirt on and a lightweight ScentLok base layer bottom and had my ScentLok suit and everything else in my backpack. I Read More

My ScentLok Success: Lauren Nowak

LAUREN NOWAK New York This has been my first year of hunting and it’s been a pretty great season so far. My Dad and I have been practicing and scouting a lot before the season started and this past summer he took me up to one of John Eberhart’s workshops in Michigan. My Dad has John’s Read More

My ScentLok Success: Paul Lindsay

PAUL LINDSAY Michigan Turns out ScentLok works for me as I had one of my target bucks from last year dead downwind of me at less than 30 yards for five minutes before circling upwind and walking into my shooting lane at 25 yards which is where I shot him. I had a ScentLok QuickStrike coverall Read More

My ScentLok Success: Jason Hrelec

JASON HRELEC Michigan The buck in the photo was taken in 2013. I was hunting along a well-used deer transition route and in this particular location a deer could pass by from either direction, however since learning how to properly care for and use ScentLok clothing through John Eberhart’s material, it really made no difference to Read More

My ScentLok Success: David Ferianc

DAVID FERIANC Grand Rapids, MI I’ve been bowhunting for 26 years, and in the last 8 seasons since discovering John Eberhart’s books and seriously implementing the Eberhart Way of bowhunting and his ScentLok scent control regimen have taken 7 P&Y class bucks all of which were 3 ½ years old or older. In my previous 19 seasons I took Read More