Oz Hardline & Oz500

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Keep your gear safe and scent away with the Oz Hardline & Oz 500 kit. Without bonding agents holding it in place, the activated-carbon has a greater surface area, allowing it to adsorb more odor.

  • OZ500 unit included 
       Plugs into the OZInject™ tubing system in bag  
  • OZInject™ technology  
       Patent pending internal piping system distributes ozone
  • Carbon Adsorber included 
       Adsorbs odors from your gear and the air inside container 
  • Metal Handles
        For a secure & airtight lid system
  • Extremely Versatile 
     Great for quads and utility vehicles
  • Dimensions 
     30" wide x 15.3" tall x 16" deep

WARNING: Ozone products are only intended for use in unoccupied spaces

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