Hunting Jackets

ScentLok gives hunters the tech-forward jackets that deliver comfort, mobility, and proven-deadly odor-control in any season, terrain, or conditions. Choose from early-, mid-, and late-season options, layering pieces, and fully waterproof models, each painstakingly designed to keep hunters comfortably concealed and on stand longer. Optimized for bowhunting performance, ScentLok jackets combine the best designs, materials, and technologies to create more opportunities and promote greater success.

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  1. Savanna Aero Jacket-Realtree Edge-Small
    Savanna Aero Crosshair Jacket
  2. Savanna Aero Quickstrike Coverall-Realtree Edge-Medium
    Savanna Aero Quickstrike Coverall
  3. Forefront Jacket-Realtree Edge-Small
    Forefront Jacket
  4. Morphic Waterproof 3-in-1 Jacket-Realtree Edge-Medium
    Morphic Waterproof 3-in-1 Jacket
  5. Hydrotherm Waterproof Insulated Jacket-Realtree Edge-Small
    Hydrotherm Waterproof Insulated Jacket
  6. Youth Hundo Taktix Jacket-Realtree Edge-Small
    Youth Hundo Taktix Jacket

Products (6)

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