Make sure your scent-control regimen doesn’t fall short. Our complete line of gloves, facemasks, headcovers, hats, and caps compliment other ScentLok apparel and drastically minimize your odor signature in the field by containing and adsorbing metabolic and other odors from the mouth, hair and skin with proven-deadly technologies. Hunter-friendly designs, varying weights, and multiple camouflage patterns make it easy to complete the system for maximum comfort and performance in any hunting conditions.

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  1. Lightweight Headcover -Mossy Oak Terra Gila
    Lightweight Headcover
  2. Full Season Headcover -Mossy Oak Terra Gila
    Midweight Headcover
  3. Savanna Lightweight Multi-Paneled Gaiter-Mossy Oak Terra Gila
    Lightweight Multi-Paneled Gaiter

Products (3)

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