It’s May and next bow season is in the distant future and as much as I love bowhunting for whitetails, I don’t allow it to consume my life. Obsessing and focusing all your attention on deer 24/7, 365 days a year can be counterproductive and it makes you miss out on a lot of other remarkable opportunities life and our natural resources have to offer.

With that said, hopefully you also take advantage of other spring hunting and fishing opportunities. For instance, at the time of this post, all my post season scouting work is finished, I’ve taken a turkey, have caught many steelhead, have golfed several times and took my wife on a two day wine tasting tour in the Traverse City, Michigan with several other couples. The wine tasting tour was totally for her because I don’t drink and am the DD.

Hopefully after deer season you did your due diligence and properly cared for and stored your activated carbon lined garments. However, if you didn’t let’s address the long-term storage of your ScentLok branded, activated carbon lined garments.



1. At the end of each season regenerate (what some wrongly refer to as reactivate) the ScentLok garments (other than socks) you used by putting them in a clean household or commercial dryer on the highest heat setting possible for 30 to 40 minutes. Typically the highest heat setting is the timer setting on high.

2. Once the dryer stops remove the garments and put them in an air-tight storage container (air-tight bag, odorless garbage bag, or Scent Tote). When using garbage bags I suggest keeping the full bags in an inexpensive plastic Rubbermaid, Sterlite or similar tub so the bags won’t get punctured.

ScentLok’s hard Scent Totes have a rubber seal around their lids to make them air-tight and they’re strong enough to sit on while changing clothes. While Scent Totes are expensive they are my preference for both off-season and in-season storage.

Never ever put scent wafers of any type, pine or cedar boughs, or anything other than the carbon lined clothing in the container because the carbon will adsorb odor molecules from whatever you place in the container.

Activated carbon can’t differentiate and doesn’t discriminate on what molecules it adsorbs and when stored in anything other than an air-tight container it will be adsorbing molecules from whatever is in the atmosphere and will prematurely load up and require regeneration prior to use in the field.

3. Long term storage is rather simple compared to in-season care and storage and there will be several posts detailing in-season care instructions for ScentLok branded garments and why proper care and storage is critical to its performance in the field.

On the same posts there will also be care instructions for all the other non-carbon lined hunting clothing you wear during season, and what to use in conjunction with them to maximize your scent control regiment.