Every hunter knows how important wind direction is. It literally determines everything about when, where and how we hunt an area. No matter how cautious we are about playing the wind it often seems like it can change multiple times throughout the course of a day. Changing wind directions are an essential part of what makes activated carbon clothing so important to our success in the woods.

Much of our success in the woods is determined by how much of our odor deer will tolerate in a given area. Imagine that your odor to a deer’s nose is like smoke to a smoke alarm. A small amount of odor can be present and might even make deer curious. A little more odor and deer may get a little nervous. A little more odor still and deer will go on high alert stomping their foot and trying to pinpoint the source of the odor. If the level of human odor gets too high, the alarm will go off and the deer will bust out of the area. 

The use of activated carbon clothing reduces your zone of detection by staggering amounts. Without activated carbon technology your scent would be continuously carried by the wind currents out to any deer within your area. By using activated carbon clothing however, you will not only have a better chance of being undetected, but ultimately have more opportunities within your effective range.