Our bodies constantly emit odor molecules into the air. Virtually every action, food and anything we come into contact with affects how we smell. Your mouth, underarms, groin and feet are odor hotspots on your body.

The human body can collect odors from anywhere. Fueling up your truck, having a smoke and even your morning coffee can leave odors on your body. These smells may not be overly alarming to us, but they are foreign in the field and can put big game on high alert sending them high tailing it to the next county.

Every time you exhale, you are emitting volatile odor compounds into your surroundings. Food, smoking and poor dental care all contribute to your breath’s overall odor signature. The foods we eat stay on our breath until they are completely digested and the smell of tobacco products linger long after they are done being used. All of these add up to odor that big game can find threatening in their natural environment.

In addition to outside influences that contribute to your odor signature, your body generates odor through sweat and bacteria. Sweating is a natural reaction your body has to overheating. The bacteria on our skin consumes sweat in order to survive, multiply and create odor. In turn, these large colonies add yet another component to your overall odor signature in the field that big game can take as a sure sign of danger.

As you can see the odor you bring into the field is unique to you and your daily activities. However, by using the right technologies and sound hunting habits, you can virtually eliminate odor and substantially reduce the chances of being detected.