What is Carbon Alloy

Carbon Alloy™ combines activated carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to help adsorb a larger spectrum of odors as well as targeting specific odors better than ever before.

Why did we add to activated carbon?

Testing has shown that activated carbon can adsorb up to 99% of human specific test odors. To put it simply, we want that other 1%. When you alloy carbon with iron, you get steel; when you alloy carbon with other odor adsorbents, you give hunters the deadliest combination in odor control.

Universally recognized by scientists as the most effective odor adsorbent, activated carbon remains at the core of our technology.

With its ability to adsorb some odor molecules better than carbon, zeolite extends the scent control spectrum further than ever before.

The treated carbon particles in Carbon Alloyâ„¢ can adsorb up to 300% more hydrogen sulfide (a strong breath odor) than untreated carbon alone.