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Bear Hugs For Everyone!

Growing up in Montdale PA, I have always associated spring time with chasing turkeys all over the timber of the northeast. Once turkey season was over it was time to snag a pair of flips flops, a stellar pair of Jorts ( 80′S Jean shorts), [...]

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Whitetail Freaks Whitetail Freaks

Eight teams of the most dedicated, hardcore, whitetail hunting fanatics were chosen to show the true meaning of mega-buck hunting. These hard-hitting hunters are average Joes, with real jobs and real families - and all share the same passion: the study, management, and harvesting of "mature" trophy whitetails.

HeadHunters HeadHunters

Often times muddy and unshaven, their necks red from the work they perform under a scorching sun, faces burnt from western winds, hands raw from piercing cold. Their mission? To tell the story, they travel further, work longer, and sacrifice more. You will never look at outdoor television the same way again

The Legends of the Fall The Legends of the Fall

The Clan, more like a family of six hunters, love spending every spare chance in the outdoors pursuing the true Legends of the Fall.

Family Traditions Family Traditions

Family Traditions with Haley Heath is a popular program on the Sportsman Channel that epitomizes today’s generation of hunters and shows first-hand how family traditions can be passed down in powerful ways. Haley, a 5th-generation hunter, “Ultimate Outdoorsman Finalist” and the first woman to receive The Sportsman Channel’s “Viewer-Favorite” award, hosts the show.

Scent-Lok's High Places Scent-Lok's High Places

Share a unique vantage point with these hunters as they cross America in pursuit of adrenaline-pumping, fair-chasing big game hunting. Practical tips, hunting techniques and great action footage set the scene. Watch state-of-the-art mapping and high-tech graphics while entertaining viewers of every skill level.

Ray Howell Ray Howell

Ray Howell's Kicking Bear is a nationwide mentoring program which introduces disadvantaged children to the great outdoors. Ray's passion for the outdoors was cultivated out of his own discovery of archery hunting. After discovering his love for the outdoors he made it his personal mission to help as many young people enjoy the outdoors as he can.

Whitetail Properties Whitetail Properties

Every episode of Whitetail Properties TV features an exciting hunt, while showcasing the benefits of owning your own recreational real estate. Hunting action is always fair-chase, intense, and up-close. In addition to the hunt, each show educates viewers about buying and selling recreational ground as well as tips for maintaining your property.

Backcountry Quest Backcountry Quest

Two brothers on a mission to give you the most high energy, action packed hunting show on television. Watch them chase big game all over the U.S and around the world.

Chris Brackett Chris Brackett

Chris Brackett and Zac Brown forge a new alliance that promises to change the world of outdoor television forever. Chris' passion for hunting and die-hard commitment is the driving force behind the show, continually pushing it to new territories to give viewers something original and fresh.

Jackie Bushman Jackie Bushman

Jackie Bushman founded Buckmasters in 1986 in his hometown of Montgomery, AL. At the time, he was a world-ranked tennis professional but his real love was hunting. He envisioned a national deer hunting association that would encourage proper hunting ethics, sportsmanship, hunter safety, wildlife conservation, and promote a positive image of the deer hunter.

Robert Arrington Robert Arrington

Whether it's blue marlin fishing in Central America or chasing giant whitetails through out the U.S. Bird hunting in Argentina and Uruguay or prowling the flats of Florida Bay. Elk hunting out west, caribou in Northern Quebec, or sword fishing off the Florida Coast. Robert Arrington & the Respect Outdoors crew do it all, and they do it well!

Dream Chasers Films

This web based show takes viewers into the lives of four God fearing, hardworking and hard hunting guys that live the hunting lifestyle. Viewers are hooked by their incredible footage and storytelling making it easy for hunters to identify with the lives they live. God, family and friends stand at the forefront of their purpose while Mother Nature and the chase fuel their dreams.

John Eberhart John Eberhart

John has been hunting whitetail deer in the heavily hunted state of Michigan for over 45 years and has concentrated his efforts on mature bucks for more than 20 of those years.