MUSKEGON, MI — Today, Bone Collector announces a new hunting clothing line that provides hunters with products that combine quality, value and performance. This new line of gear is built in collaboration with Scent-Lok technologies and will feature Carbon Alloy™ as its top-tier technology for odor-elimination.

“To put our name and reputation on a line of products, especially clothing, was a huge decision. We looked at lots of companies, but Scent-Lok was far and away the best of them all.” said Michael Waddell, Bone Collector’s founder and television host. “In addition to making the most durable and best-fitting gear, we know their patented carbon technology is unmatched in the industry.”

Hitting store shelves in Spring of 2015, the Bone Collector clothing line will feature products designed for any season and any condition. The clothing line will include basic products such as six-pocket pants and cotton crew shirts to highly technical garments like seamless compression shirts and a softshell series fused with Scent-Lok activated carbon technology. The product lineup will also include odor-control liquids, socks, packs and storage.

“We’ve always been a collaborative company when it comes to product design. Working with Michael, T-Bone and Nick will continue that tradition and help us provide the best gear on the market today in terms of form, fit and function.” said Pat Hylant, Executive Vice President of Scent-Lok. “Add their experience and our twenty-plus years of fabric design and we feel that this is a perfect partnership for the consumer.”

“This collaboration gives us a chance to design a Bone Collector line of hunting gear that has everything we feel any hunter needs to be successful, from price to performance. Can’t wait until it is launched to the public!” said Waddell.

Since 2007, Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector has been one of the leading brands in the hunting industry as well as one of the flagship programs on the Outdoor Channel. The brand supports many licensees ranging from insoles to archery equipment. Many regard Michael Waddell, Travis “T-Bone” Turner and Nick Mundt as the collective voice of the hunting industry with their approachable style and relentless appearance schedule.

Scent-Lok Technologies engineers and produces the best scent-controlling gear in the world. Founded in 1992 on scientific principles, Scent-Lok is the only company with access to all scent-controlling technologies including their patented activated carbon technology and is consistently proven to outperform other scent-control technologies.


ALS Enterprises, Inc., the maker of Scent-Lok® odor reducing carbon hunting apparel, has obtained a complete victory in the nine federal lawsuits that challenged Scent-Lok®’s ability to control human odor. After over five years of litigation, plaintiffs have agreed to take nothing and dismiss all of the pending lawsuits with prejudice. The final straw for plaintiffs was the district court’s August 17, 2012 Order dismissing the first-filed Minnesota case. In that Order, the district court noted the extent to which these lawsuits were lawyer-driven: “the Court is firmly convinced that ‘this litigation is so feeble that it is best to end it immediately,’ as its ‘only goal . . . appears to be fees for the plaintiffs’ lawyers.’ Indeed, it would simply ignore reality to believe that this case is about anything other than fees at this juncture, given the small number of Plaintiffs and the paltry damages they could recover if they were to prevail. There exists no perceptible public benefit.”

Less than a week later, plaintiffs agreed to end the eight other lawsuits as well. As explained in the final stipulation of dismissal, a copy of which is attached, Scent-Lok® products give hunters a real advantage:

• “Expert testing found that, using highly elevated test odor concentrations that were ‘likely a ten thousand fold greater than a human body could produce in the course of 24 hours,’ Scent-Lok® carbon hunting clothing fabrics blocked 96-99% of the odor compounds, and essentially 100% of the surrogate body odor compounds tested.”

• As exemplified by the test results below, Scent-Lok® carbon hunting clothing fabrics dramatically outperformed non-carbon fabrics at blocking odor permeation in head-to-head testing:

• “Expert testing also found that after drying, or washing and drying, Scent-Lok® carbon fabrics continue to be highly effective at blocking odor permeation.”

Greg Sesselmann, Scent-Lok®’s president and the inventor of carbon hunting clothing, commented: “We are gratified and vindicated by our win in these nine lawsuits. It gives me great satisfaction that Scent-Lok® products were shown without question to be highly effective at reducing odors, which allows hunters to get close to wildlife and experience the beauty of nature like never before. It saddens me to think that plaintiffs and their lawyers are allowed to use the legal system to bring groundless lawsuits against companies like ours.”

“Our customer satisfaction level is extremely high, based on survey evidence and unsolicited testimonials from hunters, because Scent-Lok® products work unbelievably well,” Sesselmann remarked. “Customers don’t need an attorney to get total satisfaction from Scent-Lok®; our products come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. On behalf of our consumers and retail partners, we remain focused on making products for the best hunting experience in the world.”

Attachment (Stipulation of Dismissal)

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