Article on Grand View Outdoors

+-*Grand View Outdoors: Court Overturns ScentLok Ruling ALS Enterprises Inc., owners and marketer of the ScentLok brand of scent control hunting apparel, has claimed a major victory in the long-standing class action lawsuit that challenged the products’ ability to control human odor. After four years of litigation, which was brought by a group of five Minnesota Read More

Early Season Food Sources

+-*This is the time of year that we all wait for. It’s that time when we can finally figure out what bucks we have to hunt in the fast approaching fall. Watching bachelor groups of bucks in a late summer food pattern can be dynamite for catching mature bucks on trail cameras. Here in the Read More

Bigtime tips

+-*How do I become a legend like yourself? Well first off I’d like to say that I’m a legend in my own mind first and foremost…that’s where you have to start.  If you don’t believe in yourself, then your letting yourself down.  Secondly, LEGEND is a compound word coming from the Dutch word, LEGGINGS…. LEG, Read More

Ask the Don

+-*Is there a special shampoo or body wash so that the deer don’t smell you? You bet! ScentLok makes a great product called Hair and Body wash. We use it at least once a day before we hit the woods. When hunting on 3-15 day hunting trips what is the best way to store and Read More