Preparing Your Tree For The Fall

Preparing Your Tree Proper lane clearing is tough and by now your likely drenched in sweat, filthy dirty, tired, and want to go home and come back another day to finish. Don’t cave because when the final tack is placed and you’re back at your vehicle, you’ll be extremely glad you finished and that coffee or Read More

Location Preparation

Clearing the Way The hardest physical work of the entire year is in properly preparing locations and the fun really starts once you’ve chosen your ambush trees. If you have a health issue or are out of shape, get doctor approval before beginning this process. For public land and knock on doors for free permission Read More

Choosing The Right Tree

You’ve thoroughly scouted the property and have a series of locations marked on your map to be prepared. You now have all spring to properly prepare these locations. When you return to do so, always prepare locations in order of importance, with the best spots being first. There are a lot of “the most important Read More

Preparing to Prepare

This week we are going to dive into what I use and why I use it to prepare my hunting areas for next fall. Putting in the hard work now so there is less intrusion on my hunting areas closer to the season continues to pay off year after year. This invaluable approach all starts Read More

Post Season Scouting – Preparing for Next Fall

Now that a few of the advantages of post season scouting have been mentioned, it’s time to get to work on next season’s success. Again, as snow accumulates in northern states deer gravitate to and bed near the easiest access food sources making sign left in the snow meaningless for searching for fall hunting locations. Read More

Start Preparing Now For Next Fall

From the time I began in 1963 through the mid 1970’s bowhunting was a major stepchild when it came to hunting whitetails. Depending on the state, gun license sales were 15 to 20 times greater than bow license sales. The advent of the compound bow changed that and currently gun license sales in most states Read More

John Eberhart Begins ‘Deer John’ Series

My name is John Eberhart and I’m overwhelmed at the opportunity to write a series of instructional hunting blogs for ScentLok. While there are many hunting personalities that are far better known than me, I was asked because I tell it like it is, and promise that will never change.  Hunting means many things to Read More

Bone Collector Announces Collaboration with ScentLok

MUSKEGON, MI — Today, Bone Collector announces a new hunting clothing line that provides hunters with products that combine quality, value and performance. This new line of gear is built in collaboration with ScentLok technologies and will feature Carbon Alloy™ as its top-tier technology for odor-elimination. “To put our name and reputation on a line Read More

ScentLok® Obtains Global Victory

ALS Enterprises, Inc., the maker of ScentLok® odor reducing carbon hunting apparel, has obtained a complete victory in the nine federal lawsuits that challenged ScentLok®’s ability to control human odor. After over five years of litigation, plaintiffs have agreed to take nothing and dismiss all of the pending lawsuits with prejudice. The final straw for plaintiffs was the Read More