John Eberhart Begins ‘Deer John’ Series

+-*My name is John Eberhart and I’m overwhelmed at the opportunity to write a series of instructional hunting blogs for ScentLok. While there are many hunting personalities that are far better known than me, I was asked because I tell it like it is, and promise that will never change.  Hunting means many things to Read More

Bone Collector Announces Collaboration with ScentLok

+-*MUSKEGON, MI — Today, Bone Collector announces a new hunting clothing line that provides hunters with products that combine quality, value and performance. This new line of gear is built in collaboration with ScentLok technologies and will feature Carbon Alloy™ as its top-tier technology for odor-elimination. “To put our name and reputation on a line Read More

ScentLok® Obtains Global Victory

+-*ALS Enterprises, Inc., the maker of ScentLok® odor reducing carbon hunting apparel, has obtained a complete victory in the nine federal lawsuits that challenged ScentLok®’s ability to control human odor. After over five years of litigation, plaintiffs have agreed to take nothing and dismiss all of the pending lawsuits with prejudice. The final straw for plaintiffs was the Read More

Article on Field and Stream

+-*Field & Stream: Scent Lok Notches Victory in Appellate Court Proving that it can certainly be re-activated in legal matters, ALS Enterprises—maker of Scent Lok clothing—is celebrating a decision issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals last week. That decision overturned a summary judgement ruling issued last year that found Scent Lok guilty of false advertising Read More

Article on Grand View Outdoors

+-*Grand View Outdoors: Court Overturns ScentLok Ruling ALS Enterprises Inc., owners and marketer of the ScentLok brand of scent control hunting apparel, has claimed a major victory in the long-standing class action lawsuit that challenged the products’ ability to control human odor. After four years of litigation, which was brought by a group of five Minnesota Read More