Why Use Activated Carbon?

(Activated Carbon is used in our exclusive Carbon Alloy® technology for maximum odor adsorption) By John Eberhart: I was fortunate to already have some basic knowledge of what activated carbon was and how it functioned before purchasing a ScentLok suit, but most hunters that don’t own one, definitely are not. So please allow me to Read More

Putting It to the Test

By John Eberhart: Even during the stone-ages, wind direction influenced how animals that relied on their sense of smell for survival were hunted and during the first 34 of my 51 bow seasons, the same basic stone-age principles of “hunting the wind” were it! Sure, there were some sprays and precautions that would help, but Read More

The Reality of “Hunting Pressure”

By John Eberhart: If you hunt phenomenal hunting land with little competition, feel fortunate and be proud of your kill accomplishments, but don’t assume you’re somehow a better hunter than others hunting in more heavily hunted areas with differing types of pressure criteria. Unless defined clearly, which it never is in hunting film or media, Read More

The Five P’s

By John Eberhart: Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance An element of hunting fitness that is often neglected is not just practicing with your bow, but properly practicing. In some books and articles and on many talk forums there’s information on how to choose a bow, accessories, and shoot, however a DVD titled “Archery Mechanics” (sold Read More

Hunters Vs Anti-Hunters

By John Eberhart:   Stand Up, Be Heard, Be Proud…Be Intelligent Due to our rapidly changing culture, bringing up the topic of hunting at social gatherings can create tension. We must however stand proud that our hunting instinct is moral and as integral to being human as our sexual instincts and whenever anti-hunters with self-righteous Read More

Exercise May be the Key to Your Best Season Ever

Hunting season for most hunters is a long grind which at times take its toll both physically and mentally. Fortunately your body and mind are two variables in hunting you have total control over. Like every other aspect of hunting, proper preparation can only aid in making you more successful. Like It or Not, Hunting Read More

Outdoors: The Good Life

Get Out & Live! During the off-season there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t, in some manner, think about or physically do something concerning bowhunting for whitetails. Like many others I’m obsessed and whether I like it or not, bowhunting is always in the back of my mind in some form. What Read More

Securing Hunting Permission

This is yet another topic that gets zero ink in hunting media print and never gets mentioned on TV or in video’s because most so-called experts rarely if ever deal with asking for free hunting permission and is just one more of many reasons why they are out of touch with the reality of what Read More

Off-season storage for In-season success

It’s late May and your post season scouting, location preparation work, maps and notebook should be finished for the time being and will get re-addressed during pre-season, or earlier if you pick up some new ground to hunt. Bowhunting for whitetails is far and away my favorite thing to do, however I don’t allow it Read More