Hunters Vs Anti-Hunters

By John Eberhart:   Stand Up, Be Heard, Be Proud…Be Intelligent Due to our rapidly changing culture, bringing up the topic of hunting at social gatherings can create tension. We must however stand proud that our hunting instinct is moral and as integral to being human as our sexual instincts and whenever anti-hunters with self-righteous Read More

Exercise May be the Key to Your Best Season Ever

Hunting season for most hunters is a long grind which at times take its toll both physically and mentally. Fortunately your body and mind are two variables in hunting you have total control over. Like every other aspect of hunting, proper preparation can only aid in making you more successful. Like It or Not, Hunting Read More

Outdoors: The Good Life

Get Out & Live! During the off-season there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t, in some manner, think about or physically do something concerning bowhunting for whitetails. Like many others I’m obsessed and whether I like it or not, bowhunting is always in the back of my mind in some form. What Read More

Securing Hunting Permission

This is yet another topic that gets zero ink in hunting media print and never gets mentioned on TV or in video’s because most so-called experts rarely if ever deal with asking for free hunting permission and is just one more of many reasons why they are out of touch with the reality of what Read More

Off-season storage for In-season success

It’s late May and your post season scouting, location preparation work, maps and notebook should be finished for the time being and will get re-addressed during pre-season, or earlier if you pick up some new ground to hunt. Bowhunting for whitetails is far and away my favorite thing to do, however I don’t allow it Read More

Patterning Other Hunters

Let’s face it, the vast majority of TV hunting personalities and many in the media not only hunt micro-managed properties, they also never deal with hunter competition and should feel very fortunate to hunt such pristine areas. When hunting pressured areas that is not the case and many other hunter concerns need to be considered Read More

Mapping Out The Details

After your post season scouting and location preparation is finished, it’s time to play artist. As precisely as possible, finalize your location details on aerial photos and topo maps. Prior to computers and Internet and before I could afford either, I’d make hand drawn maps. The more enlarged the photos or maps, the more space Read More

The Art of Entry & Exit Routes

The final leg of the location preparation process When specifically targeting mature bucks in pressured areas, phenomenal hunting locations can be ruined if you don’t use non-invasive routes to get to and leave them. I would rather walk an extra mile and have the chance at a mature buck than walk a short distance and Read More

Preparing Your Tree For The Fall

Preparing Your Tree Proper lane clearing is tough and by now your likely drenched in sweat, filthy dirty, tired, and want to go home and come back another day to finish. Don’t cave because when the final tack is placed and you’re back at your vehicle, you’ll be extremely glad you finished and that coffee or Read More

Location Preparation

Clearing the Way The hardest physical work of the entire year is in properly preparing locations and the fun really starts once you’ve chosen your ambush trees. If you have a health issue or are out of shape, get doctor approval before beginning this process. For public land and knock on doors for free permission Read More