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-Special Offers -A Chance to become a Field Tester -Product Development Input -Periodic giveaways -Feature your trophy photo here -Free Member Kit

Enter your information and become part of the Scent-Lok Advisory Team! By signing up you automatically become eligible for : Special Offers: Receive exclusive deals and discounts on industry leading Scent-Lok products and provide useful input on how we can improve our products and continue to deliver the best scent control clothing for hunters.


Become a Scent-Lok Field Tester: Have a chance to be selected as an exclusive Filed Tester for new products. You will be able to give your hardcore hunting knowledge and input on features and functions of garments. Scent-Lok products are built with the highest quality and design for you, we want you to have a say in how it’s done.


Let’s See that Trophy!: A trophy is for every hunter to determine for his or herself. We don’t discriminate here, post a pic of you with your trophy in your Scent-Lok gear so it can be shared with the whole team. Plus who knows, maybe there might be some prizes in it for those of you that take a good pic showing you’re proud to be a Scent-Lok hunter…

Receive your Member Pack: For joining our Advisory Team we will send you your own Member Kit complete with an exclusive Scent-Lok Advisory Team window decal, Tech Pack, lanyard and can koozie as a THANK YOU from all of us here at Scent-Lok for joining our team and being a dedicated Scent-Lok hunter!